Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SEXYLOOK - Micro Inject Masks


I've always wanted a small and V-shaped face...

How to get a V-shape face instantly without the need for painful needles and surgeries??

Plus! I get to moisturise my face and have healthy glowing skin?!!!

Recently, I wrote a review on LOVEMORE's mask >> CLICK HERE TO READ!

Now, I'm gonna introduce another series of masks that Secretive carries...

Micro Inject Mask!
From the latest technology in Japan, this new range provides double penetration effect with skin-friendly natural fibre ergonomic design mask sheet to ensure maximum care, unique hydronet pumps up skin moisture while giving it a firming effect (V-shaped effect), leaving skin feeling soft and supple after use. It also helps to pump up skin, looking younger and healthier!

There are 3 different types of masks from this series!
Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask

- Hyaluronic Acid Micro Inject Mask

Aloe Vera Micro Inject Mask

I received the Aloe Vera Micro Inject Masks!

This hydro-replenishing aloe vera masks helps to lock the moisture in my skin, leaving it supple!
The functional essence is enriched with cucumber and aloe vera extracts for maximum skin hydration. Moisturised skin will look younger and healthier with less visible fine lines and dryness!
Now it's time to give this mask a test!

As usual, each mask has full pictorial instructions.
It also shows the finest ingredients used to make this soothing, moisturising and hydrating formula all in this one pack of mask! 

Scroll the pictures down as I unveil the mask and pamper my skin!^^

How to use the mask: 
Step 1 >> Remove the white plastic sheet.

Step 2 >> Fit mask over face.

Step 3 >> Remove blue non-woven sheet.

Step 4 >> Leave mask for 10-15 mins.

See how invincibly thin this mask is?!
Whats amazing is how generous this thin mask sheet can hold!
Replenishing my skin's thirst for moisture!^^

Step 5 >> Remove mask sheet after 10-15 mins.

Step 6 >> Gently pat any remaining formula into skin.

After trying on the mask, I have a few pointers to note why you MUST TRY this mask!

1. 360 Perfect Coverage 
3D Ergonomic Design Moist-lock >> Lifting (V-shaped face achieved!)
The unique hydro net formed by the invincible mask plump up skin, giving skin a lifting effect.

2. Hydrating Essence
High absorbance, High Penetration.
The functional essence penetrates deeply into the skin with fine molecules. 
Skin feels supple and soft after each application.

3. Safe Ingredients
Finest Pure Cotton
Extrated from the finest cotton seed, this mask sheet is woven using the latest technology to hold the rich essence to pamper your skin!

4. Invincibly Thin!
Perfect coverage.
Coupled with precise ergonomic design, the light weight mask can now perfectly fit onto skin efforlessly.

Now go get your Micro Inject Mask now!
*direct link below*

Till the next entry!
Go be beautiful!

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