Saturday, September 27, 2014

1st Aesthetic Sponsor: ONLY Aesthetic Clinic

If you have been stalking me on my Instagram,
you would have already know that recently I went to O Medical Clinic for some treatments and have been raving about it ever since!
Now let me share my super satisfied experiences with you!!!
*Im seriously too excited now so I might just keep blabbering on about how good it is later on*
*In any case...please keep reading on as I have exclusive quotes and discounted rates specially for my loyal readers ONLY*
*Don't say I Bojio uh?!*

Before I start... 
I would like to thank The Influencer Network (aka TIN) for hooking me up to my 
I am very  v e r y   V E R Y  grateful for this opportunity because 
I've never expected to be given a chance to beautify myself in such a glamorous way! 
Law of Attraction have once again proven itself to me (:

Now I can say... 
*music please~~*

O Medical Clinic
At ONLY, we believe in focusing on you. 
To sculpt and achieve the skin and boy you truly desire. 
Say goodbye to tedious beauty regimes and practices. 
The O Medical Clinic is a flagship aesthetic clinic that offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments and in the Asia Pacific. 
We bring you faster, affordable and quality aesthetic treatments 
to empower you with beauty at your fingertips.

 On my first visit there,
I went with mommy A for a consultation on what are the areas we could work on separately for the next few sessions. The staff was very friendly and approachable in the whole session. Hence, I could ask any problems I'm worried about or in doubt. Also,  the consultation went very smoothly with my questions all answered professionally. Hence, it made me felt more at ease and ready to be handed over to these professionals to settle all my problems!

After the consultation, we're ready and all set to go for our treatments!

The treatment rooms are spacious, well-lighted and clean.
You wouldn't want to be handled in an unhygienic environment right?!   

I was already soooo happy with the services I had so far even before my treatment!

Wonder why I look like I've just went on war with dust all on my face?!
The "dust" on my face is actually charcoal carbon needed for the laser treatment later.

Introducing my 1st treatment!

Carbonado Skin Laser Treatment
A luxurious treatment to achieve a long lasting radiant complexion 
using advanced laser facial performed by Doctors only. 

It balances out your skin tone, leaving it flawless and glowing. 
This treatment is most suited for people seeking for a longer lasting solution 
for dull, uneven and fatigue skin. 
Works great for age spot, freckles and pigmentation. 
It is safe, comfortable and there is literally no downtime after treatment.
 I look like an inverted-coloured panda here ~ 

Took a close-up photo of my pores here...
As you can see, 
all the black spots are carbon-filled pores so that the laser can target the right areas to cleanse the pores for radiant looking skin (:

I know the combination of hair-net and "chao ta" face is not a very appealing...
but #celfié is a must for a self-obsessed blogger like me! XD

I know the word "laser" sounds really painful & scary...
The moment you hear the noises produced by the laser machine and the burnt smell in the process,
it might prolly freak you out even more...
It's not as painful as you think.

In fact, it's pretty bearable 
(except the moustache area, above your lips) 
I would give the pain... 3/10?
*bear in mind that I have very lowwww pain threshold* 
There's definitely slight pain in the experienced but it's all due to the heat from 
the laser penetrating into the skin layers.

But think about it...

After the laser treatment,
I'm pampered with 

The ONLY Mask
The ONLY Mask Developed for post-laser application. 
This MCCM mask is prolly the fastest healing, cooling, soothing mask with
 hydrating effect for post laser application.
It repairs skin healing from Post Laser Treatment. 
It is oil free, non-sticky and ideal for sensitive skin. 
Clinically formulated to enhance the results after Laser treatments. 
A quick 20 minutes, oil free application designed to repair and hydrate without clogging pores. 
It also soothes and brightens the skin with an instant facelift effect. 

Made in Spain by MCCM and exclusively for ONLY. 
The mask is available at O Medical Clinic and ONLY Aesthetics outlet.

See the glow in my face immediately after the treatment?!
I'm BLOWN OVER by how fast the effect takes place!
It definitely made my skin tone brighter than before!
Also... I felt really refreshed & clean!
*waves hysterically*
More up-close photos featuring cleansed pores!
I know there's still visible pigmentation caused by over-tanning but you see?!

On the same day,
I also did my 2nd treatment.

SHR Hair Removal
Aka VanishR Painless Hair Removal 

I must really emphasise on this because this is really by far the best treatment that I've ever received!
Since young, I was a very hairy kid. .____. like seriously hairy.
So I called myself a "mao-ry" aka "hairy" 
I tried shaving my legs when I was in secondary school & after multiple times of that,
I became a freaking cactus!
The hair became so thick & coarse that it scratches other when my legs come into contact with theirs!
I had no choice but to try out waxing because at that time,
there's very little solutions to hair removal.

Waxing was painful!
I barely survived the torturous experience & ever since then, 
I've left my hairy legs alone.
*Life's unfair like that*

But lucky for me,
O Medical Clinic came to the rescue!

I know many people have heard of IPL...
But seriously...
Q. What is the difference? 

IPL (Intense pulsed light) is a hair removal treatment that fires a more intense shot 
onto each hair follicle. Unlike shaving and waxing, 
it does not leave any unsightly bumps, rash or ingrown hair. 
It is effective for people seeking for a solution to remove hair. However, 
it is not recommended for people with dark skin, tan or sunburn, 
as it will reduce effectiveness of the treatment. 
It is safe and suitable for most skin types.

SHR (VanishR Painless Hair Removal) on the other hand, 
is the fastest and most effective hair technology available. 
It is the preferred choice of many and has received positive response by popular bloggers. 
It uses a patent technology to permanently eliminate hair follicles by using a combination of laser technology and low repetitive pulsating light at targeted areas. 

Compared to the conventional IPL, 
the SHR fires a minimum of 20shots onto each hair follicles during each treatment. 
This makes the treatment slower, but it enables the treatment to be painless and more effective. 
It also whitens and brightens the skin around the hair. 
SHR is safer than other hair removal techniques and is practically painless. 
There is literally no downtime after treatment and is suitable for all skin types.

This is the legendary SHR machine that was used on me.

I did SHR hair removal for Brazilian & Legs & I must highlight...
I can barely feel anything other than the slight heat on my skin.

See how hairy I was! (Photo: bottom)
Now I can finally say BYE BYE to fugly hairy legs soon!^^
 This photo (above) is right after I'm shaved clean and treatment all done. 
No redness or irritation at all!
Super relaxing and painless treatment.
Up till now, I feel no pain or irritation of any sort too!

Here comes the 1st GOOD NEWS!!!
If you wanna give SHR a try...

Visit ONLY Aesthetics and 
Quote: Don't say Tricia Bo Jio 
to enjoy 1st trial SHR Hair removal underarms for only $25!!!
 (U.P $55 per session for underarms hair removal) 
* Terms and conditions apply.

Went down to O Medical Clinic for my 2nd visit about a week later for my 3rd set of treatment.
The Venus Legacy for Lower Body

 #taxi celfiés 

Venus Legacy
This is the latest technology from Venus Concept, 
a leader in the non-invasive and medical aesthetic industry. 
It is the most effective treatment for battling stubborn fat areas and cellulite in your body. 
Using patented (MP)² technology, Venus Legacy utilizes multi-polar radio frequency 
and Pulsed Magnetic fields which produce a soothing and therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. Tightening your skin, reducing wrinkles and cellulite of the body parts targeted to help you 
achieve the ideal body shape you desire. This treatment is for people who are 
seeking the most effective and long lasting solution that shows noticeable results in losing stubborn fat areas and cellulite. It is comfortable and completely painless. 
There is literally no downtime after treatment and is suitable for all skin types.

 Once again, spacious & clean treatment room (:

Took some celfié before the treatment. 

Didn't take much photo when I was there for the 2nd time as I was alone >.<
In any case, the treatment went rather smoothly and halfway through,
I almost fell asleep because it was very comfortable especially when it starts to 
heat up to about 40degrees where my fats were crying! 

Visit ONLY Aesthetics and 
Quote: Don't say Tricia Bo Jio
to enjoy Venus Legacy treatments at only $388!!!

UP. $488! 
* Terms and conditions apply.

Here's a summary of all the discounts you can enjoy when you visit ONLY Aesthetics outlets!
All you have to remember is to 
Quote: Don't say Tricia Bo Jio

For promotions call or visit ONLY Aesthetics outlets:
Raffles Place 22 Malacca Street #09-00 RB Capital Tel:6220 4434
Dhoby Ghaut 190 Clemenceau Ave #05-03 SSC Tel:6338 4434
Holland Village 25A Lorong Manbong Tel:6314 4434
Pacific Plaza 9 Scotts Road #03-15 Tel:6737 4434
That's all folks!
Go try them now & be beautiful!~


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