Monday, May 6, 2013

Another 5 Habits to lose weight!

Like i promised in my previous TRICIA's FITNESS STORY,
I'm going to share with y'all more on "solid" food habits.

In the previous entry, 
I gave shared a few tips on how to lose weight by changing your "liquid" habits.
If you haven't read it,
here's the link to that entry HERE!
And you're most welcome!^^

Today's tips and habits that I'm sharing is going to be slightly tricky 
and harder to adapt to because I do find them harder to adapt to.
However, once you're used to it, 
it's going to be a piece of cake!

Before we begin, 
I wanna post a disclaimer first!

* I do not own any of the tips i am going to share!
* If these tips doesn't work on you, try other tips somewhere else because i only stated 
that i works for me and i am only here to share my opinions and results!

Ok.. let's just jump straight into it!
Starting off with an easier habits (I find this easier myself :P)

Are you weird out when i mention eating more meals?!
Glad that you're eating more often yet losing weight?!

That's right!
When you eat more frequently, 
you're increasing your metabolism rate.
This is because your metabolism rate is constantly running at a steady speed the whole day!
I am eating at least 5 meals a day now and the feeling is good!
Actually, it's AWESOME :DD

The trick to this habit is to eat in smaller portion.
It's quite hard to meet this criteria because many would just eat until one is too full!
You shouldn't do that!
To help yourself into eating smaller portion,
you can try using a smaller plate to eat instead of the bigger plates you usually use!
I did that and it helped me to stop eating as much and the best part is...

Sounds hard to start with?
Actually, it's not at all!

When i say organic, i meant eating whole food (:
Whole food are natural food that contain little or no artificial additives or preservatives.

Q. So what's the difference between WHOLE FOOD and PROCESSED FOOD?
There's a LOT of difference!
Basically whole food are unaltered food in its natural state whereas processed food are food that are "created" by people.

Here are some examples of processed food:
- canned fruits
- french fries
- white rice
- chicken nuggets
- pasta
- bread
- jam

Surprised just how much staple food we eat on a daily basis are processed?
In fact, all processed food are food that comes in containers.
Hence, not many realized that food such as white rice, pasta and bread are 
unhealthy processed food!


Here are some examples of whole food that everyone should consume more!
- fruits (not the canned ones!)
- potatoes
- brown rice (instead of white rice)
- vegetables
- chicken
- fish 
- beans
- milk

The reason to why you should eat more whole food other than because it is healthier (duh?!~)
is because they contain more nutrients compared to your usual processed food.
That's the reason why people end up eating more when they eat processed food.

One will tend to eat more white rice than brown rice.
This is because white rice doesn't contain as much nutrients as the brown rice 
because the outside bran is removed.
The bran on the outside contains a lot of nutrients and fiber. 
Without the fiber, one will definitely eat more to feel fuller.

So in conclusion,
by eating more whole food, you'll eat LESSER for the same amount of 
nutrients received!

3. EAT 80% FULL!
How to tell if you're 80% full?!

When i say 80% full... i meant,
not to gorge your food down when you eat.
Skip buffet sessions as much as possible as they make people eat until they explode.

This is because when you do that,
you will not realize that you're full.
& by the time you realized,
it's prolly too late because you're too full by then.

The trick is to EAT SUHHHH-LOWWWWW LY.
When you eat slowly, you enjoy the food (:
& when you do that, 
you'll fill your stomach and know when to stop.


When ever you go out for a meal, 
let's take KFC for example.
You'll always have a drink and 2 sides 
(maybe 1, depends on the meal you order)
These sides are usually fries, mash potato or even bread etc!

The new habit you should learn now is to ditch these sides!

If you really want to have the side, 
swap it for salad or veg &/or even fruits!

In fact, just add more colors to your meal. (:
Colors means more fruits and veg!
& less whites = less carbs!

not literally!

What i mean was to have a TREAT DAY! ;DD
Eberybody loves a treat day after a whole looooong week!

Do this once a week!
Go eat whatever you want...
Anything and everything IN MODERATION.

That's all the tips and habits i have for you this time!
As usual, I do hope these tips help you girls shed some weight!
Do note that with these habits and regular exercises the results will be even better! :DD

Good Luck and Be Beautiful!
Till the next entry,


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  2. Thanks for the tips :)
    Will definitely try them out!


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