Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Virgin Shots

This is my birthday present this year specially 
from Mom, Uncle Keith & Le boy
Guess which color did i receive?!!
i love this camera a lot 
I've always wanted to buy myself a new camera because the previous camera that i owned was giving me problems ):
That camera was PL150.

It's not that i don't like my previous camera.
I love that camera a lot!! REALLY!!
I bought PL150 when i was having my holidays before entering Poly.
It was a gift i bought for myself at the Suntec Convention IT Fair after i got my
 first pay as a full time worker (:
The feeling of getting something expensive after getting the first pay was really one of the best experience ever!! (:
It was really a good camera then because it was one of the first few cameras in the industry has a dual image function where i can take lots of self-shots, cam-whoring from the front camera^^
Its also very user friendly because it was a P&S (Point and Shoot) camera. 
Best of all, it has this mode called the "Beauty Mode" where it makes your complexion really smooth and pretty!!
However, i had problems later when i realize i cant take night shots well because it was a P&S camera after all ):
The photos turns out really blur or too pixelated if i try to edit it brighter or sharper.
The photos may look nice on the screen of the camera but it turns out really blur on my laptop.
So yea... at that point... i want to give it a change!!
i've also attended elective lessons in school called (Aim, Focus & Snap) a year ago to learn more about taking photos using both P&S and DSLR cameras (:
Hence, choosing XZ-1 was not a decision made out in a rush...
i actually had a long hesitation deciding if i should stay on with my PL150 or move on to a new camera...
& i also looked around for quite awhile to find a good camera that fits the requirements i'm looking for.

So eventually.. i came out with a decision to buy either 
Canon s100
Olympus XZ-1

I wanted to buy either one of the cameras on my own because my mom said that i have to earn 
for what i want.
But to my surprise,
my BF actually asked my Uncle & Mom to share and bought the Olympus XZ-1 for me!!!
so TADAH!!!
My present is a new white XZ-1
 and i named her "SNOW WHITE" ^^
She's as white as snow :DD

To Mommy, Uncle Keith & Le boy 
Thank you all sooooo much for spending sooo much money buying me this camera!!!
I really love it a lot & i'll treasure it^^

I know mommy is still against the idea of buying me this camera because to her, 
she always taught me that i have to always "earn for it".
Le boy, on the other hand, thinks that i should earn for something bigger than a camera now since i've already earn for a camera before (:
Hence, he insisted on buying the camera which made mommy a little angry with him :X

here are the virgin shots :DD
Excuse my virgins photo as they are all my faces :X
all the photos have gone through filters but i didn't edit anything else than adding filters (:

That's all from me for now!!
Stay Beautiful & Smile :DD

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