Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Nail Sponsor: Clove Nails♥

Hi lovelies!
If y'all have been keeping up with my Instagram (which is always updated daily), 
y'all would have noticed me posting a video on my latest nail session with Clove Nails!'s my good news...

It's another resolution come true and many thanks to the law of attraction!
Good things come to people who think positive and are grateful^^

I've always been a nail art fan and I adore beautiful nails!
I've always dreamed of getting pretty and beautiful nails like many famous bloggers out there who gets sponsored nail sessions such as Tammy aka OhSoFickle, KayKay, Rachel etc...
so... I must say I'm pretty lucky myself to finally have a nail sponsor^^

To start things off... let me ask y'all a question.


Because if you do... GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!!

Clove Nails is located very near Punggol MRT Station! 
(It's just walking distance!)
So people who takes the Purple line or travel to Punggol often...
For the rest, you might wanna read it too because you will love to go there soon...

Clove Nails

Punggol, Singapore 823271

Call / Whatsapp / SMS Carol at Tel no.: 82223670 to make your appointment.
Quote "TRICIA" to enjoy 15% discount when you spend above S$50!

Clove Nails is a home-based nail salon run by a sweet lady boss named Carol. 
She provides nail services in her little cozy room just for her customers!

I exceptionally love her room!
It's sooo floral, pink and cozy!
It's like every girl's dream room^^

When I asked Carol why is there a bed in her room, she giggled and explained to me that it was originally a guest room before she started her little business. It then transformed into a nail salon and the bed became a resting area for her customers if they come in groups and needed a place to rest (:
How thoughtful is that?! 
Think about it, you can rest on a cozy bed while waiting for your girlfriend 
to finish her nail session and queue-ing for yours!^^

Here's the comfy little couch for customers who wants pedicure services! (:

There's a lot of nail polish colours to choose from!!!

She uses a 18G LED lamp which dries gelish nails in 5SECONDS! 
This help to save a whole lot of time especially for customers like me who dread looooong 
waiting hours coz I'm impatient like that! 
Also, it is less time consuming and cooler compared to the hot and slow UV lamps used in many other salons! Its really torturous and dreadful to be heated in the lamp for a 
long time (especially when I'm darn scare of heat) so I'm really glad to see Carol using this!

Also, if you have no idea what kind of nails you want to do...
Fret not! All you have to do is to browse through her stash of nail arts (she have plenty for you to choose from!) on the table and in frames on the wall! She also do have her collections of magazines to browse through if you need any inspiration! 

 Here's my ugly naked nails before the session. 
I am not perfect, I have ugly and hideous yellowish nails!
Plus, I have really brittle and weak nails that breaks easily. 
So that explains why my nails doesn't grow longer than this length and it's always uneven at the edge.

Carol decided to give me gel tip extensions because this will help to strengthen my brittle nails 
and it will also give the extra length for the nail arts on the nails later! 
Best of all, these gelish extensions can last up to 3 weeks!

p.s.: This is my first attempt for gel tip extensions!

 Unlike most of the other salons out there,
Carol wouldn't hesitate to give double coating of the top coat layer to all her customers.
This will help to keep the gelish nail art pretty and well maintain for a longer period of time!
From Carol, many customers only need to come back once a month! 

What I personally find very value-adding about her services is that she's really friendly and would do her best to achieve what you have in mind. She would also give tips on how to care for your gelish nail arts so that they will maintain pretty for a longer time! This is very rare trait in other manicurists in other salons I've been to because they would be rushy though the task given and would just do what they want to do, instead of working into what you like. At first, I chose a nail design from her stash of nail arts on the table she suggested on specially designing my nail arts just for my 21st Birthday Celebration the next day! 
How sweet and thoughtful is that?!

 Thank you Carol for the gorgeously painted nails for my 21st Birthday!
One of the best birthday present I've received I must say! 

Check out Clove Nails services and rates here!

Good news for you ladies!
Just for the month of August, get your very own gelish manicure with 4 nail art designs at only S$38!
(U.P. S$55)
Hurry! Book your appointment now via call, 
whatsapp or sms to Tel no.: 82223670

Can't wait to do my next set of nails soon!

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