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My name is Tricia Koh and I am a Individual Lifestyle Influencer 
managed by The Influencer Network. 
Here's my personal space where I share almost everything I've experienced -
Beauty product, Fashion outfits, Food junkie, Travelogues, Reviews and much more!

I'm currently going 23 years old on 13th August and 
I am a full-time student pursuing a Degree (Hons) in Food & Human Nutrition 
in SIT, Newcastle University.

He's part of the reason why I started blogging more regularly and 
the pillar of strength for me to drive harder towards my goals. 

I love blogging & you can find out why here >>

I hope to inspire my readers and followers in this tiny little space 
to follow your passion, work towards your goals and
sparkle a little brighter like how I kept mine shining brightly like a diamond.

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