Thursday, May 28, 2015

LUSH Aesthetics: Teeth Whitening

You know...
Sometimes I wonder why can't everyone have a set of beautiful pearly white teeth so we don't have to go through the trouble of having braces/invisaligns/teeth whitening/polishing and scaling/painful injections and plucking of tooth (Ouch!)

Speaking of which...
I do have to admit that I have a set of fugly yellowish teeth due to all the coffee and tea stains I've accumulated trying to stay awake in class and finishing up assignments before the due dates.
Due to the bad yellowish stains... 
I have started to lose confidence in smiling widely for cameras and to my friends ):

And one fine day... 
when I was offered a chance to try out any treatments by LUSH Aesthetics, 
I was super excited and went right straight ahead for the LED teeth whitening!
Gonna say YAY to pearly white teeth and beautiful smile again!^^

LUSH Aesthetics

19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre 

#06-11 Singapore 247909

Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

Mon - Fri, 1130am to 0830pm
Sat & PH, 1000am to 0700pm
Closed on Sun

We deliver award-winning results from effective and quality aesthetic treatments. We listen to the needs of every individual, meeting those needs with effective and quick results while maintaining high levels of safety in our procedures. At LUSH, we create all your most beautiful moments.

After a quick consultation, 
I was invited to have a rest in a treatment while the treatment for prepared for me (:
Here's the little cozy room where the magic begins!
This is the latest LED Teeth Whitening technology which uses a non-peroxide gel and provides a quick effective, painless and non-invasive solution for a bright white smile. The LED Teeth Whitening system is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It is safe and effective with no damage to teeth enamel or structure.
Before the treatment itself, a friendly consultant will come in and brief the process of the treatment. She will also access and measure your teeth stain condition using these model teeth as shown in the picture below.
Through the consultation, I've learnt that our teeth actually suffers discolourations due to various lifestyle factors such as aging, smoking, coffee/tea stains, curry stains, wine stains and medication. The LED Teeth Whitening treatment can brighten and lighten your teeth dramatically in less than an hour. Its also worth to mention that most (~99%) of their customers actually achieved 5 - 8 shades lighter in less than an hour instantly! That's amazing!
The process involves applying a non-peroxide whitening gel on your teeth. Subsequently, the LED light will activate the whitening gel which would then whiten and brighten your teeth. The upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time. No heat, no needles, and no drills are used during the procedure. Also, the blue gel is actually there to protect your gums, teeth enamel and structure. It will harden when treated under LED light.


Here's the before (top) & after (bottom) pictures for you to compare for yourself!
I'm amazed how much whiter my teeth looks!

Apparently, some tooth are a few shades darker than the rest. The results showed that I'm one of the 99% customers that achieves  5 - 8 shades lighter in less than an hour instantly!
The consultant also mentioned that some tooth have better achievements of 10 shades lighter! 
Ok, if you're wondering if it's painful...
Here's my verdict to my experience...
In fact,
the only pain I experienced throughout the treatment is trying to stuff the 
transparent "mouth expander" tool into my mouth, 
which helped to open my mouth wide enough for more LED lights exposure! 

Also, some may experience a more sensitive set of teeth for the next few days (about 2-3 days)
so do refrain from food or drinks that are too hot or too cold. 
The consultant will definitely remind you before you leave the clinic. (: 

Here's one last good news you'll definitely wanna know...
The results are long term (YES! LONG TERM!) and can last for years depending on your lifestyle habits.
Hence, if possible...
DO NOT consume carbonated/caffeinated drinks to keep your teeth pearly white forever!^^
For current promotion...
it's only $188 For 1 Session of Full Set LED Teeth Whitening (U.P. $999)
Visit this link to book your appointment & don't forget to quote my name!^^

Get your added self-confidence with a bright while smile today at LUSH Aesthetics!


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