Monday, February 2, 2015

Yoogane || Westgate Singapore

Are you a fan of Korean food???
If you are... this post will definitely make you droooollll!!!~
  Yoogane (요가네 pronounced yoo-ga-nay), the popular chicken galbi restaurant from Busan Korea since 1981, opens its first at Bugis Junction last year May have since attracted long snacking queue. 

Now, it has finally opened it's 2nd outlet at Westgate. 
*Scream awesome if you're staying in the west!!!*

It is one of the most popular and best Chicken Galbi Restaurants in Korea with over 100 restaurants spreading widely just in Korea. 

Yoogane @ Westgate
Westgate Mall
3 Gateway Drive, #03-08


 Established in 1981, we pride ourselves as one of the most popular and best Chicken Galbi Restaurants in Korea - all this is made possible through the continuous support and love from our customers. Yoogane is extremely well received in Busan , Korea - where it all started. Despite fierce competition from other restaurants specializing in chicken galbi, we were able to achieve tremendous success. The unique blend of sauces and seasoning that we have developed using top and fresh ingredients is what sets us apart from others. Especially popular with the younger generation in Korea, our following has also expanded to all families and age groups throughout the years. We are always looking to improve our quality and menu to develop the most unique dining experience for our growing family of customers.

There's are many Korean restaurant in Singapore but this is one of the highly raved restaurants 
among the k-cruisine lovers! I've heard about the rave for Yoogane but have honestly 
not tried before it so, I was pretty stoked when I was invited try it out! 

I grabbed my boyfriend along as well :P

I went to look around & I find the restaurant rather spacious with seats all cushioned & comfortable. Hence, despite having customers to queue during peak hours.. 
it's definitely worth the wait once you're inside because I've seen waiting time 
kept to a minimum once customers are inside. 

Waiters take customers’ orders as they are still waiting to be seated 
so once they are ushered to their table, drinks will already be placed there 
and their food will be served shortly. Aprons are also available on every table for 
diners to wear to prevent the galbi sauce from splattering onto their clothes!

 Yoogane is also pretty generous with their free flow salad bar. 
Customers can have some kimchi while waiting for their food.

Tried a few of their well-known beverages...
Soju (Chamisu)

Hite Beer (Soju + Beer = Somaek)

Next, we tried a few of their famous side dishes...
Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles) 

This is one of my favourite dishes among all the sides because I really love the texture of the noodles & the sauce, which tasted a little tangy like wasabi!

Korean Style Seafood Pancake

Definitely one of the many dish that's worth every penny! Find generous serving of seafood like
scallops and squid inside. Remember to deep the sauce for that extra kick!

Egg Cheese Roll 

This egg-y dish was really fluffy & soft with cheese that melts in your mouth!
You can choose to order one without cheese which only cost $9.90!! 

For our mains, we ordered Seafood & Chicken Galbi with additional combination fixings.

For the additional combination fixings, 
you can find glass noodles, ramyeon, topokki (rice cake), cheese topokki, sweet potato topokki,
potato slices, golden mushroom and capsicum ($10.90).
I personally prefer the glass noodles better because it's sticky and chewy!

This photo is just a mandatory short when you visit Yoogane!

The friendly staff will be there to cook and ensure all the ingredients are 
cooked to perfection for every table before it is served. Talk about awesome customer services!

The portions we ordered serves up to 3-4 pax ($58.90). 
It also comes in a smaller sizes for 2-3 pax as well ($48.90).
If you're not a seafood lover, you can always choose their popular
Yoogane's Chicken Galbi ($16.90) instead which taste as awesome!

Lastly, we had Marinated Chicken Galbi Cheese Fried Rice ($14.90).

We really love the variety of topokki (rice cake) served in Yoogane 
& we specially ordered extra sweet potato topokki for this dish! 

Look at that mozzarella cheese...

This is the sweet potato topokki we ordered earlier!
It's really chewy with a mild sweet aftertaste! I really liked it a lot & it also comes in cheese flavour!
Did I also mention that these topokki can only be found uniquely in Yoogane and no other Korean restaurants in Singapore so far?!
& that's why everyone should try Yoogane at least once in Singapore!!!

Gah!! Everything went well with the famous galbi sauce. 
Yumssss the word!
Showing off your delicious good and selfies on social networks can really drain 
your phone battery away! 
Here's one additional customer service to look forward to for phone draining customers!
Get yourself a complimentary phone charging service when indulging at Yoogane!
*Everything is awesome!~*

After a hearty meal... time for some happy celfiés
Here's one with Gerald.
*Thank you TIN for the invite*
Joey aka IISJONG.

& lastly, with our friendly host for the night!

I've tried quite a few Korean restaurants and definitely,
Yoogane may come off slightly pricier than some other Korean restaurants out there.
Then again, Quality always comes with a Price.
I would consider Yoogane affordable for it's yummy and authentic Korean food!
In fact, for their customer services, free flow salad bar, unique food items and
super famous and yummy Chicken Galbi...It's definitely worth every penny you pay!

So do visit Yoogane if you haven't do so!

1st outlet:
Yoogane Bugis
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction

#02-47/48 S188021

2nd outlet:
Yoogane Westgate
Westgate Mall

3 Gateway Drive, #03-08



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