Monday, March 23, 2015

[Review] OSIM uTrek Singapore

Like what the title says, 
I'm going to introduce you to one of OSIM's latest fitness machine, 

About a month ago, OSIM delivered a uTrek to my home and when I first saw it, 
I was a little astonished by how compact it looked!

It looked a bit like a running treadmill you see at the gym but slightly smaller and more compact in size to fit most of our HDB homes. 
It is definitely an ideal home fitness machine because its compact enough to be placed anywhere at home for a simple and comfortable workout! 

Let me show you why in visuals >>> 

1) It's really compact.

You're always a plug away to start your exercise regime!
Best of all, you can do it any way, any time without worrying about any 
outdoor disruptions such as the weather!  

Everyone knows having regular physical activity and working out is really important to keep a healthy working lifestyle. But not everyone of us are so lucky to find time out of our busy schedules to workout.

One perfect example I have is my mom. She's a busy bee that works 6 days a week and 
whenever she reaches home, she will prepare dinner and by the time she is done with the household chores, she will be really tired to even think about doing a workout. 

After having uTrek, not only did she found her favourite spot to workout on weekends and in the evenings, she also "trek" more often in the comfort of our home whenever she's free!

2) Be wow-ed by the benefits of trekking!

I trek with my family once in a while at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir because trekking keeps us all healthy & it's one of the best exercises we can all do together!

Look at all the benefits you can get just by trekking in the comfort of your home!
P.s.: Using my sister as my model for the day. Teehee!

Like what this poster above mentioned, 
I wanna highlight a few benefits that made me love uTrek so much!

Firstly, it's a low-impact exercise fitness machine.
My parents have to work full day standing and manning their stall hence, they have very bad aches on their backs and knees almost every other day. Although a pampering and relaxing massage might do the trick, it may only solve their problems temporarily. 
Hence, uTrek came to the rescue!
Now, not only can they strengthen their leg muscles by trekking more often, doing this low-impact exercise in the comfort of our home also help reduces the likelihood of injuries caused by running outdoors such as strains on their knee-joints and backbone.

Secondly, it improves bone density.
As all of you know, osteoporosis and many bone-related illnesses are prevailing among elderlies. Definitely my parents and yours might be one of the victims too. 
To prevent that from happening, a regular workout to stimulate muscles and bone growth 
might just prevent the likelihood of bad slips and falls 

Lastly, it lowers disease risks!
Health is really important. Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and stroke are some of the many diseases that are of global concerns and as my parents age, I hope to see them with more healthy living years than being bed-ridden with all these diseases. I mean, seriously. Who doesn't right?! 
With the extra help of uTrek, inconvenience to work out will never become an excuse anymore! Instead, exercising regularly and maintain an active lifestyle helps keep one stronger, improves one health and may reduce a large number of health risks.

In all, its all about getting my parents back in shape healthily!

3) Exercise varies with different levels.

The poster above showed a wide variety of workouts that are similar to just minutes of trekking on the OSIM uTrek! 15minutes is all you need to get a healthier body, a healthier family! 

If you think your parents deserve more than a thank you, a feast, a new branded watch and a pampering spa voucher, get them healthy with OSIM uTrek!

OSIM uTrek is available in stores right now and its only available for pre-orders only! Comes with a 1-year warranty for only $598.00!!!

For more information, visit

Last but definitely not the least,
here's a huge thank you to OSIM & The Influencer Network for sending my family this gift early this year!

Till the next entry,
stay happy & healthy!

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