Saturday, March 24, 2012

Instagram ♥

some of the earlier photos taken using Instagram (:
totally in love with this app!!
it's easy to use, nice photo effects & best of all..
my photos get to be posted to FaceBook, Tumblr & Twitter :DD
anyways... here it is!!
 first night in Aussie (:
a rare Sunny day at UNSW while having our break.
 had Kebab with salad on the first day in school...
apparent;y the portion is too bug for me & i had to have the same food for dinner to finish it!!
 Ritz Cinema
the cinemas here look soooo classy & retro!!
 random photo of me before...
look at those tired eyes~ zzZ
 the agar i poured..
*satisfaction x10000000000....*
 the scenic view i see from the lab in working in.
pretty awesome huh?!!
 my name tag for the next 3 months. (:
 cam-whored while waiting for the cultures to be done...
there is a lot of waiting time... :/
butter chicken >>> Northern Indian food!!
painted red nails
 Rocky Road  

Last day staying at Parade Lodge!!
Gonna miss that grandpa 
he is soooo sweet & cute!!
too bad the lodge is too expensive to stay in for 3months..
spent a week there to find a new accommodation^^

more Instagram photos coming up soon!!
kthxbye. For now...

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