Sunday, June 12, 2016

My 2016.

When was the last time I blog?

September 21st, 2015.
It has almost been a year since I last blogged about anything.

To be really honest, I miss blogging. 
Yes, I really do. 
I miss my life as a blogger... 
and I miss my old self.
The Tricia that was always eager to start the day early.
The Tricia that spent her morning in school, evening working as a part-time model/tutor and attend events back to back.
The Tricia that even stays up late at night just to catch up with school assignments/projects/exam preparations and even working on her blog entries.

I remember vividly how passionate I was.
There was no such thing as #mondayblues nor #TGIF then. 
Most days were filled with motivation while others were filled with love, fun and laughter.
I can't deny that there was exhaustion and sadness along the way but it didn't last long.

Though I was busy most of the time, I really enjoyed my life.
And now, I miss my life. 
The Old Me.
The Young and Passionate Tricia.

It's already been a year since I last graduated.
Like many other graduates, I was really excited to see what's in for me next!
I remember the countless thoughts I have...
"How to create a good resume?" "What kind of job is best suited for me?"
"Let's do a survey to see what job fits my personality..."
"How to prepare myself for an interview?"
"Oh! So you need at least 2 years of experience for this job..should I apply?"
"What if I couldn't land myself a decent job with a decent pay?" 
"OMG! I have freaking bank loan to pay :O" 
"ok Tricia, you're officially jobless now .__." 


Yup, those were the days...
I bet most of you readers can relate to this...
If not, you'll probably be able to relate to this very soon!

I landed myself for a job interview not long after.
It was my first interview and I screw it up big time. 
It was a great stepping stone and good lesson learn there!
Not the job I was looking for so I wasn't too upset that I didn't get the job.
I remember how the interviewer get my number after that and called me up to catch up over a cup of tea. Not the main point of this entry but we became friends in the end instead of colleagues. (:

Well, lucky for me...
I quickly landed myself in another job interview.
I remember how quickly I received the call and then the next morning, 
I'm sitting there in their office, waiting for my turn to get interviewed.

I got myself the job that day itself and instantly get the entry to the corporate world and 
have a corporate job and lead a corporate life.

Basically, what every graduate would be yearning for...

But fast forward till today...
I am unmotivated.
I am not satisfied.
And in my mind, there's always a little whisperer chanting 
"there's gotta be more to life."

**And this song "(There's Gotta Be) More To Life by Stacie Orrico
turns on repeat in my head.**

I am still searching...
Searching for my motivation and passion that I used to have.
Soul searching every night and looking for opportunities
every single morning on my way to work thinking if this is the right path?
Wondering if my sole purpose to study this much was to climb the corporate ladder?

To add on to the misery,
#mondayblues and #TGIF do exist now. ):

To be really honest, 
I just do not know if this is where I really belong and if this is what I really want.

I've learnt so much more!
I like my colleagues and I have good friends at work.
Great mentor, co-workers and best friends to stick with you though thick & thin...
The list can go on...

I am really grateful and blessed.
I do count my blessings & I am thankful.

But is this what I was meant to do?
Come on... there's gotta be more to life!?~

I don't wanna just work for money, to get a decent bread home and feed my bank loan.

I want to work for passion.
But passion 这个东西吃的吗??

I saw friends who worked for passion.
I saw their fire and I really envy that.
I wanna have that.
That fire & no #mondayblue nor #TGIF.

It's really ok if I dont bring much bread back.
Just enough will do.
Well, this is definitely not what my parents want to hear from me. :P

Time flies even faster after I step foot into the adult world!
In just a blink of an eye,
I'm already working for almost a year.
and that I can assure you younger readers...its definitely way faster than studying.
So enjoy being a student while you can!

Anyways, it feels really good to come back to this little space and rant again.
Pardon me if this rant has become a little too lengthy.

*ok, feeling much better now...*

I guess it's time to put my thoughts into actions.
I have only one life, it is actually my duty to live it to the fullest!
I am definitely blogging again and hopefully in the next few months,
I can bring myself new opportunities, motivation and passion that has been lost
in the midst of all the work.

If you can any similar thoughts...feel free to comment!
I would love to hear from you guys too (:
Ok, till the next entry...


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