Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1st Hair Sponsor: Salon De Choix

If you've read my 2013 new year resolutions, 
you'll know that I've been wanting a hair makeover, eye brow extensions 
and many other pampering services!
Life would be perfect won't it?!

I mean... all vain girls want that don't they?!
Then in mid-march, when Salon De Choix contacted me...
I was head over heels! 
I'm soo glad and grateful that i'm finally gonna get a new hair makeover!^^
You can totally imagine my excitement! Gee!~
Law of Attraction have proven itself again to me. (:

Just a little introduction,
Salon De Choix was founded by Sharon Wu,
a director and renowned stylist with more than 20 years of experience!
3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 

Went to Salon De Choix on 24th April! 

It's located right behind Orchard Central,
5 mins from Somerset MRT station!
Definitely an easy-to-find and a good place to get your hair done in town!

I was welcomed by the cozy chairs and the comfortably spacious area (:
 Absolutely love the bright and atas ambiance in the salon!

Next, i was served with a complimentary drink while waiting for my stylist (:
There's a variety of drinks to choose from!^^

Opt for my usual hot green tea & was served with a snack!

Lover boy accompanied me & be my photographer of the day!

My stylist, Chester went through a brief consultation session with me.
We discussed about my current hair situation and what he had roughly plan to treat 
my hair in the next few sessions (:

To be really honest here,
i have only had 1 chemical treatment (which is Re-bonding) before this 
and I've only tried colouring my hair using the commercial DIY hair dyes.
So my hair is rather "healthy" and "undamaged".

So Chester decided to give my hair a makeover and a whole new look!
Am really nervous and excited to see a whole new Tricia^^

Here's my hair before the make over!

As you can see from here...
my hair is really flat and all the black roots and coming out, 
forming a halo at the top of my head! ):

 1st step: TRIM!

Salon De Choix gave me a kimono to keep me warm and comfy 
throughout the whole experience there!
I felt so pampered and loved


2nd step: CURL!

This is the smoothing cream used to help curl my hair!

See my Medusa head filled with curlers, sponges and lots of wires!

This is known as the Digital Perm (:
Chester told me that I'm going to have Digital Korean Bubble Perm^^
Gonna look really kawaii!
*thick skin mode on*

After curling...the next step is
3rd step: NEUTRALIZE!

Chester looking really serious in what he does best!

My curly wirly hair soaking up all the goodness!

After a wash...
It's time for TREATMENT!

Before the treatment, 
i was treated with the Tohhi Essence air which was sprayed on my scalp 
to help relieve the stress and tension my scalp gone through 
while i was doing my chemical treatment before.
I really love the Tihhi Essence because it's really cooling and sensational!^^

 4th step: TREATMENT!
Chester added these 2 Mythic Oil products into the treatment cream 
to help nourish and protect my hair!

Camho a little while being pampered like a princess...

Finally a proper photo with Chester while he's applying the hair treatment on my hair!

After the hair treatment and washing them off...
It's time to style my hair up!
5th step: STYLE!
Using the highly recommended hair serum from KERASTASE and 
PlayBall no.3 from LOREAL to style my hair.

These products are highly recommended by my stylist for easy and perfect curls styling!



I have new bubbly curls at the tip of my hair to give extra volume!
Totally happy with my new look and am glad that i entrusted my hair to Chester!


Can't wait to pamper yourself with a hair make over too?!
Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

Mention "TRICIA KOH" and enjoy 15% discount!
*not applicable for promotions

Do check out their current promotion!

& Salon De Choix facebook page here!

How do you like my new look?

 Do check out more of Tricia's Hair Story the next time i visit Salon De Choix again!

Till the next entry...
SMILE & be beautiful!

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