Friday, June 26, 2015

Feet Haven Reflexology || Katong Outlet

If you haven't read my previous review for Feet Haven, 
you can read it here 

There is currently 2 outlets in Singapore, one at Serangoon Garden (which I went previously) 
and the other at Katong, which I went this time round. 

(Katong Outlet)
 136 East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 428821
Tel: 63447311

 When I first went in, it was really peaceful and quiet.
The receptionist came over and ask me to take a seat while she arrange a masseur for me.
There was relaxing quiet music and aroma scent to keep me company while waiting.
It is definitely the place to unwind and relax after a loooong and tiring day.

I enjoyed a 45minutes feet massage. (:
One celfié before I doze off...

 This is Uncle Hong who I truly recommend to you if you're going to the Katong outlet!
He will ask if the pressure is fine before continuing the therapy.
He will also tell you where your problem lies depending on where it hurts.
For example, my toes were hurting really bad and Uncle Hong told me that it might be the lack of sleep, tension and stress that I've been having recently that causes this pain. And indeed! It was accurate!!!

Not only is Uncle Hong's technique precise and professional, 
he can also speak fluent english if you do not understand mandarin!

 After the massage, I went to the counter and saw my face on a brochure! Haha!!
& I realize my review was posted on the brochure *soooo honoured!!*
What I said was true!
They really have very affordable saver packages cater to their customers!
Do look for this brochure for more details on the prices of different packages they have!
For my 45minutes feet massage, its only $38!
If you wanna have more sessions, you can have each session at a cheaper price if you buy more sessions at one go!
That's the saver packages... get it?! haha!!

There's more to offer now!
Enjoy massage at any time of the day when you visit Feet Haven!

Go & have some shiok massage now!

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