Sunday, May 31, 2015

[Beauty Review] Glam Palm Hair Straightener


I had to pleasure to own my first hair styler from Glam Palm through the courtesy of ONLY Aesthetics on their 10th Anniversary Party!
Here's the blog link to that blog entry: 

I mentioned how good the straightener was the last time and said that I would do another separate beauty review on it but I hadn't got the time until...NOW. 

So here's what I've got from a box.
Everything is packed neatly in a black sleek pouch (which I adore) that comes with 
the straightener and 2 clips.
It's really suitable for travelling and I've been packing this baby into my baggage whenever I go overseas or staycation to keep my hair sleek at all times~

If you're wondering...
I'm using GlamPalm GP201.
What I really love about this styling tool is that my hair looks miraculously healthier, shinier and less damaged with GlamPalm compared with other products. Later I found out... it's because of the special healing stone technology that is incorporated in this tool which helps to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.
With this advance technology, you can say goodbye to frail and dry hair and hello to smooth and healthier looking hair!

Now Glam Palm is having sales on their hair stylers so do go & check them out!
Go be beautiful now!

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