Thursday, June 18, 2015

Klarity Presents: The Lasertox V-line Shape Up Masks

Recently, I tried the Klarity V-line shape up masks that claims to give me a smaller face (:
This is a flat lay of all the products that comes with it in a box.

The KLARITY™ Lasertox™ V-Line Shape Up is an intensive 5 days treatment 
to shape and lift the face. 
The 3-in-1 set contains BODYFIT™which penetrates onto the skin 
to tone the V-line and redefine your facial contour, 
reduce puffiness by improving drainage and water distribution throughout skin tissue. 
It is enriched with Adenosine, accelerating fat and double chin reducing process, 
revealing a more defined contour and improved skin elasticity after first treatment.

Lasertox™ V-line Shape Up treatment set comes with a velvet silicone belt 
which fits precisely along the V-line. 
The unique acupuncture points exert pressure to help enhance facial blood circulation for a better result. The treatment is complete with V-line Shape Up Cream. The cream is light and delicately hydrates skin from deep within. It restores the skin firmness to lift the oval of the face. 
Klarity claims that after diligently using this product for 5 days consecutively,  
face will appear slimmer and visibly liftedAchieving small-face V-contour effortlessly with no down time. 

now watch this video as I guide you through how to use this product and the results after 5 days!

Here's a better picture of my face before (left) & after (right).

Can you see the difference?

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