Friday, May 23, 2014

#TINboost • I ♥ Being a Blogger(WINNER) • GIVEAWAY!!!♥

Last friday was a BLAST!
Like what the title says... 
I went to my very first #TINboost party at The Influencer Network office.

*There will be a giveaway at the end of this entry so READ ON!*

Before I elaborate on... 
let me show you some #SELFIE I took on my way to TIN's office!
When I reached, I'm invited to my favourite part of every party....

With Adeva

Here's one with the other two winners (Don & Cheow Yi) for the BLOG-&-WIN contest.

With William!

After seeing all these photos.. 
I realised I took the same prop for all the photos!
*face palm*
Did I mention that TIN's office have a very adorable and hyperactive dog?!
Its none other than CHANGI

Other than meeting new friends (bloggers and TIN's boys), having a food feast 
and taking lots of photos... there was also a great sharing session 
from an actress/model Wendy Toh who shared some insights into 
the the acting and modelling world.
It was really nice and pleasant to have met her because she's really down-to-earth 
and I really liked what she said that made me reflect on myself as well...

"Do what you enjoy, blog for your passion and audience.
And then let fame chase after you."

And so... after the sharing session...

It was time for Prize Presentation for the Blog & Win contest.
Yours truly won first in this competition!

Read the winning entry here! >>
Here's one photo with the Founder of TIN, Dennis

Here's a group photo of everyone who attended #TINboost
Its indeed a great get-together session!

More #SELFIES with my new friends!
More #SELFIES using William's CASIO TR15!
I swear this is an awesome camera for Selfie Addicts like us!
 Especially  the #SELFIE with Angeline!

By the end of that day, there was also an Instagram contest and lucky me won 
another $100 Feet Haven voucher!

To share the love from my BLOG & WIN contest...
I'm gonna do a GIVEAWAY!!!


Win yourself a voucher to indulge in some pampering foot reflexology!
Follow these simple steps to win!

1. LIKE The Influencer Network Instagram

2. FOLLOW me on Instagram @triciakohh

3. REPOST my photo on Instagram & hashtag #triciakohhgiveaway 
(Details on which photo to repost will be up on my Instagram so do keep a look out!)

Deadline of this contest is... 31st May 2014!

Watch this video done by the TIN boys for the TIN boost party!

& to find out more about the Blog & Win contest...
Check out our interview Q&A session for all winners!

p.s.: Most photos credits to The Influencer Network

That's all folks!
Goodluck in winning yourself a pampering session at FeetHaven!
In the meantime...

Go be beautiful!

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