Sunday, May 25, 2014

#12 Salon De Choix: P I N K ♥

It's time for my monthly hair pampering session again!

Before getting started, 
let me take a #SELFIE with my friend, Sabrina who joined and accompanied me for this month's session! If you're curious, she's getting her mane rebonded (: 

To start with... let me show you my hair conditions.
Here's my ugly hair roots after almost 2 full months!
My fringe was also getting too long for me to handle!
So it's definitely a trim!
What amaze me was my highlighted tresses!
It's amazing how my purple-ish pink highlights still can maintain it's colours after braving soo much damage in the sun and pool while I was having at Montigo last month!
I was literally soaking in the pool! Haha!!

Because I'm still not bored of my pink tresses... Chester decided to re-colour my highlights pink and to add a little bit of spark, I'm gonna have ombre fringe in red!
Was really nervous and excited about how I'm gonna look at the end, especially my fringe!
Read on to find out how I look finally!

*It kinda look like marinating my hair in ketchup*

Here's a glimpse of the base...
I look bald and fugly like that...):  Meh.

Anyways... after settling the hair colour and have a good rinse, 
it's time for a revitalising hair treatment!
This time... I'll be indulging in the exclusive MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT
There's a few treatments to choose from the range... for me, I'm going for the REPAIR treatment to fortify and restructure my dry and damage hair! 

This is the bowl of Restorative hair mask that's gonna do it magic on my mane...

Here's a pictorial instructions on how you should apply your hair mask!
Hold a portion of your tresses and apply an adequate amount of mask onto it.
Spread the mask a little through that portion and with your fingers, rub the mask into your hair (:

After it's all applied on...leave it for 15-20minutes.
As for me in the salon...
It's time for a good steam~

After rinsing the mask off and dryin my hair...
This is how it looks!
The high performance argan oil infuses protein back into my weakened hair shaft that had gone through many chemical treatments and made my mane stronger and more beautiful than before!

My black hair roots were also nicely touched up
Also, can you see the little highlights of my ombre red fringe??

After a little styling... 
Here's the final look!
The curls enhances the peek-a-boo effect, 
making my pink tresses even more beautiful than they already are!
If you look close enough, 
you can actually tell that my ombre red fringe is connected to my pink streaks!

My signature "cannot see my eye, HAIR ONLY" picture. *giggles*

Do you like my newly coloured hair??

*back view*

Us at the salon!
Love her soft rebonding that Salon De Choix did for her!
I'm amaze how her hair did not come out like those super straight and arrow pointed kinda hair that I hate yet, the soft and super naturally straight kinda feel!
She also did a little trimming on one side of her hair (:


again & again...
Super blessed to get my mane done by you guys!
& thank you Sabrina for taking this photo for me!^^

Here's my OOTD that day!
I'm so PINK! 
& I'm loving it!

Us in our new hair styles #SELFIES before we part ways...

Wanna get your mane done too?

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.

Remember to quote 
TRICIAKOHH for 15% off!

More photos right after leaving the salon (:
Headed to Starbucks to do some self study 
*nerd in action because exams are around the corner*

Really love my new pink streak!
So brightly coloured and totally fitting my brown mane

Here's my OOTD yesterday just to show you my fringe!
See the ombre effect I was talking about?!
Now you see it!
It's not very obvious because I didn't wanted it to be too loud on my fringe.
Nevertheless, loving how it turns out (:

Alright, till the next entry.
Go be beautiful!

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