Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Genting Highlands and KL trip❣

Earlier last week when all my siblings and 
I finally had a coincidental holiday break at the same time, 
my parents decided that we should all have a short break away from this busy town.
And so, we head up to Malaysia to visit my KL relatives 
and have a weekend away at the windy Genting Highlands.

P.s.: Before this, we had a trip to Hong Kong together during Christmas as well
BUT... that will be for another entry another day. 
Right now, lets focus on my Genting/KL trip! (:


For those who are planning to head to Genting, 
here's an update on the entertainment facilities.

Genting Highlands is under a huge renovation right now... 
so there isn't much on the entertainment side, 
especially for youngster like us who adores the outdoor and indoor theme parks. 
The outdoor theme park is under renovation and is said to be fully furnished by end of 2016. 
My family and I went to the gallery to see what's in for us by end of 2016 and I'll show you some photos that will keep you excited to go there by next year!
So keep reading to find out more!

As for the indoor theme park in First World Hotel, 
some of the rides are still there but a lot of the rides are missing as well. 
Some of the rides that are gone are the one and only indoor roller coaster, ferries wheel, bumber cars, 4D motion master... just naming some off my memory. Basically, what's left are more suitable for little kids. 

& of course! If you're older, the casinos are operating perfectly fine.
If not, for the teenagers... 
whats left for entertainment are the snow city, bowling, arcades, karaoke, shopping malls and... food?
Fret not, the arcades are way better now than before! :D


Enough of the updates!
Time to see my photos & smile with glee!~

Definitely a family photo to start the day off!

#triciaOOTD: C l a s s i c
Top: Classic pullover - Hong Kong, Oversized cardigan - Alescere (SG)
Bottom: Quilted leather skirt - some blogshop in SG
Shoes: White flats - NewLook (UK)
Bag: Light brown bag - Bugis Street
Accessories: Shades - Hong Kong, 
Watch - Daniel Wellington, Necklace - Tiffany&Co.

After a quick lunch, we went for a little bowling session.

What the KOH sisters do best... *PHOTOBOMB!!!*

See my little sister's attempt to bowl! Isn't she adorable?!

Had dinner at Mushroom farm that evening and Damn!
Still the best chinese food I've have at Genting!
Super affordable and yummy!

This is the famous "三姑六婆" dish!
It's a stir-fried mixture of a few different kinds of mushrooms. 
This dish is available in both the restaurants at the Mushroom farm.

This is my favourite dish & it's only available at 8346.
It has the right texture, sweetness and I adore the caramelised outer-layer!
Oooo...just describing and looking at this picture makes me drool >.< 

I wanted to take a decent photo of the food before we start eating 
but we're too hungry to wait for all the food to arrive. :P

Oh yeah! 
As I was introducing about The Mushroom Farm, 
it is walking distance away from First World Hotel.
You can choose to walk down OR you can take a shuttle bus from First World Hotel. 

The shuttle buses are usually in white and they have signage boards 
that states "TO MUSHROOM FARM". 
Do note that there's a slight difference in the bus you're taking down. 
As there are 2 different restaurants in The Mushroom Farm, 
you have to take the correct bus to dine at the restaurant you prefer.

If you like what you see above, 
the yummy marmite pork ribs (which I ate 3 days straight), 
you can take the shuttle bus 8346 to Mushroom Farm.
P.s.: The prices they quote are already really affordable BUT restaurant 8346 is even cheaper than the other restaurant. Experiences and feedbacks from other customers tells me so.

Family photo again!

We woke up really early to make our way to KL to visit our relatives.
It's a day trip which I regret not taking more pictures of ):
Anyways, here's what I've got!

A perfect dawn from Genting Highlands...

First meal at KL.
Local delicacies at its best!
Enjoy drooling while looking at these photos...heheh!~ 

After a heavy breakfast,
we met some of our cousins and went to Publika @ KL.
I wanted to try Wondermilk's cupcake but didn't managed to.
If anyone tried it, please let me know if it' nice ok?! :DD
Anyway, Publika is one of the malls in KL that has a lot of cafes with really famous baristas.
Some of them are really full but lucky us, we managed to get seats at Fahrenheit 600.

Tried some their coffees,
we got flat white, latte & hot cocoa.
Simple intricate latte arts and really good coffee. (:

Tried one of their pasta there,
<< Ducking Good >>

& oh my, it's FUCKING GOOD?!!!!!
If you guys are heading to KL, you should really try one of these pastas!
Yums the word!

Don't get me started with the pizzas.
We tried a few & we have our own individual favourites.

This is my favourite.
I can't really remember the name (I remember there's Popeye), 
it's a spinach and cheese pizza.


Sisters for life 

After a feast, we went to see more babies and relatives before going back to Genting.
Such a pity we're only there for a day. Will definitely hope to see them more often!

Last second day... time really flies when you'e having fun doesn't it?
To start things off..

#triciaOOTD: Grey x Fuchsia 
Top: Grey turtleneck knitted top - from my Aunt's wardrobe :P
Bottom: Fuchsia embossed skorts - Factorie (SG)
Shoes: White flats - NewLook (UK)
Bag: Light brown bag - Bugis Street
Accessories: Watch - Daniel Wellington, Necklace - Tiffany&Co.

It's tired eyes but don't care kinda day...

Went to The Mushroom Farm again but this time, we tried the other restaurant for lunch.
Take shuttle bus 9100 to this restaurant.

Here's some pictures we took outside the farm.

Why I love my family...
forever spontaneous when we take photos together!

Here's the feast!
My personal favourite in this restaurant is definitely the butter battered fish!
The portion is huge & they de-bone the fish before frying which makes indulging sooo much easier!
There's a similar dish at 8346 but it comes in a whole fish which I find harder to separate and eat.

After food, we went to walk around the farm...

Back at the hotel,
we went to visit a gallery which showed what we're expecting by end of 2016!
Here's a few pictures to give you some clues...

By 2016, the outdoor theme park will be ready (fingers cross that the project doesn't delay)
& it's gonna be the FOX world!!!
There will be RIO, ICE AGE & many more animated movies characters & rides!
Aren't you excited for the outdoor theme park already?!
Because I am!!!
Plus, the shopping and indoor areas will also be renovated & based on the visuals,
it's definitely worth to book your tickets to visit Genting Highlands by then!

Also, if you're observant.. you will also find all the pictures of First World Hotel slightly different from the usuals.
That's because I'm staying in their new tower, named Tower 2A. 
It's the newest tower and the design of the tower is so much more futuristic and clean!
Even our room design is more minimalistic and clean! 

Ok, some photos with my 弥勒佛 (mi le fuo)

Lil' sis 


Went to terminal 2X (lobby quick brunch area) to get my sister her salad 
she have been craving for days.


Later that evening, we went to watch Cinderella.
Watching movie in Genting is soooooooo much more affordable & worth while!
My dad spent the same amount he had in SG but this time, in RM!!!!
Say Whuuuuuutttt?!
Plus! We get free snacks per ticket!

Caught the lovebirds taking celfie together! Teehee!

In the midst of the movie, my parents left to meet my KL relatives 
who surprised us by coming up to Genting to meet us!^^
The ladies went back to the hotel with my youngest sister while the men went to smoke & talk about life. After the movie, we met the kids and played arcades together before this group peekture!

aka LAST DAY!!!
There's nothing much to do by now so it's just coach photos and back to SG!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the pictures and also learnt some tips when you're in Genting & KL.
I'll be spending some time to churn out the Hong Kong Trip entry soon!

In the meantime, go be beautiful!


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