Friday, March 27, 2015

♥ Our 4th Valentine's Day ♥

This is a late entry for last month's Valentine's Day.
As I was pretty busy during the month of February, I've decided to jot this down before March ends.
Like what the title says,
this is the 4th time Darrence & I celebrated our Valentine's Day together.
For this year, we decided to spend our day over a 2D1N staycation at Studio M!

Why Studio M out of soo many other boutique hotels in Singapore?
That's because we celebrated our 1 year anniversary over a staycation at Studio M as well!
Back then, it was our first time attempting to book a hotel stay together so things didn't really work out as perfect as we thought. Back then, both of us didn't have any credit cards so we save our daily pocket money just for this one occasion together. I remember how broke we were when we used the rest of the staycation expenses on the deposits and left to eat grass with a beautiful room!
There were many mishaps along the way as well but it was all memorable and fun!

And so... 
we decided to give Studio M a revisit to reminiscence our first anniversary together and to celebrate our 4th Valentine's (: 

Here's my OOTD taken on Valentine's by my baby boy 

Top: "LUCKY" grey crop top - COTTON ON (SG)
Bottom: Highwaisted black shorts - Bangkok
Bag: Kate Spade (SG)
Shoes: Black sandals - Forever 21 (SG)
Accessories: Shades - Hong Kong, Watch - Daniel Wellington (SG)

Yup, this year, 
50 Shades of Grey was really the hit during Valentine's Day so I decided to stick to monochrome shades to fit the theme!

Studio M was really pack when we reach the lobby to check in.
Everyone was in the queue for the V'day specials!
Here's our #celfié 

Here's what baby bought for me this Valentine's.
No more roses but a tiffany box. My 1st Tiffany blue box.
*Thank you baby*

Yup, I'm planning to customize our names it! (:

I know you can't see much but he's wearing one of his gift in this below below!
I bought him a top! And 2 other gifts but that's for him to know only! Heehee!~

We girls definitely need a photographer boyfriend.
And I think I trained mine well. *Proud*

Keeping things off,
we snuggled in and made full use of our time in our hotel!
It's gonna be movie marathon over pizzas for dinner!

After dinner, we went to catch this movie but I was really REALLY disappointed with the show.
Spent soo much but its such a waste of money and time. 
It's also a turn off instead of a turn on.
To be honest, I actually felt the book was way better the way it is than in the movie.
In fact, Cinderella did a wayyyy better job!
I gave it a 3.5 out of 10. 
(Because I think the female lead did a great job, the male lead... not so much)

I didn't really take any photos after that much we had a great night spending some alone time... being offliners... so no phones, cameras etc... just us

The next morning, we had breakfast & boy... the queue was loooong!
I was on the verge of giving up.
But baby insisted on having breakfast because I dragged him down already. Haha!

Anyway, we had a really filling breakfast before we check out! (:

So after breakfast, we went back to the hotel room to nap a bit more before checking out.
To cut story short...
we had dinner together again before ending our sweet weekend together.

*stop taking pictures! can we eat now?!*

I'm really blessed to have you for the past 4 years bae
Jotting down all the happenings here so whenever I look back, 
I'll get to see how much amazing times we had together.

Till the next entry...

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