Monday, November 26, 2012

Slimmer looking legs?? WANTED 2.

As i received a lot of compliments and comments from the previous post
"Slimmer looking leg?? WANTED",
I've decided to blog more about it here...
Slimmer looking legs wanted too!!^^
Yup, that explains why the title says so.
for those readers who haven't read part 1 of this entry,
here's the link below to read it first (:

As you guys have read, 
part 1 was all about a lazy way to get slimmer looking legs.
Yes, it does work effectively well on me.
However, it only works to a certain extend.
I know many have mention that it might be unhealthy if used prolong,
hence, part 2 is gonna be all about the healthier version to get slimmer looking legs!!!
This is where you can further slim down your legs more & get it TONED!

I'm a part-time model myself, thus, 
wanting slimmer looking legs is what I've always needed!
Forever, slimming is not the only factor that is in concern.
Getting tone and slim legs is what many of us want!!

To start it off, we'll have to do the core challenge!
I've found this website and FB page really useful!
Here are some of the core challenges i've been trying so far!

Let me give you an example...
 Feeling lazy after even just reading through it??
I know right?!!
I felt the same way too!!
But take a look at all this gorgeous celeb and model legs below....

Do you want perky, tone and sexy butt like her??

Long and lean legs like the SNSD??

 Toned and HOT figure like hers??

More self-confidence and slimmer toned legs???
After all the propaganda im trying to put you through..
my main point is just this..
If you want the fats to go away and have slimmer and toned looking legs...
you have to work the extra mile!!
Below are 2 of my main core exercises i do everyday.
YES, every single day.
It's quite manageable & the best part is...
i can do it all at home (:
Do it at your free time!!
Before a shower, after school or even before bed! (:
These exercises below trains your endurance and core mainly targeting your lower body.
This means that you're get slimmer, gorgeous, toned looking legs in no time!!

If you were to calculate, these exercises merely takes up an hour of your time!!
It's really manageable and best of all...
it's not as exhausting as running.
I don't know about you guys... but i HATE running!
To make myself look and feel even better,
i went on to challenge myself with these 2 challenges below!!
1. 2litres of water/day for a month!
 2. 4weeks without soda drinks!!
YES!! That's right!!
Those are some extra challenges you can do to keep yourself healthy and toned!!!
You know yourself how much sugar each can of soda drink contain.. so a month without soda drinks does help losing a lot of weight!! :DD
My current weight now is 54.3kg.
I'll blog again in a month time and to show you guys how much all these core and endurance challenges works for me!! ;DD
Till then, you readers should start working on them too!!
Want more workouts??
Here are some extras i've found on the web!!
Do try them out too!!

Here's one for the guys out there who want men boobs!!
*the tone ones*

Here's the Facebook Page for TRIBESPORTS
& here's their website below for more information and more other challenges you can try!!^^

Till the next post,
exercise and tone yourself!!!


  1. Hiya! I am very interested in if you have a lot of visitors of this journal?

  2. Need to get a lot of muscle work done in order to slim legs. It will burn the surrounding fat.


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