Monday, November 26, 2012

Edmund's 21st Birthday x Buffet

At the end of September 2012, 
Le boy and i went out with the Sport Club people for a feast to celebrate Edmund's 21st birthday!!
yup,, Edmund is the blindfolded birthday boy who was "tortured" before the feast!


Tho i must say.. i'm the mastermind behind most of the evil stuff... 
they were the ones who "tortured" him.

Desserts first!!!

You want water?!!

See how BIG BIRD save POOR BOY!!
I'm like enjoying the whole scene, taking photos all the while XD

Cute Daphne finally reach before we make our way for the buffet!
Love the necklace she was wearing that day!!^^

our #OOTD
Retro Polka Dot dress sponsored by Kristine's Collection
Paired my retro dress with a Triangular Ring from DIVA 
and Denim Ribbon Hairband (:

Ate the famous XLB steamboat buffet at Holland Village's Crystal Jade.
It's really famous there and the price is relatively affordable.
The only flaw is the reservation.
It's really hard to get reservations there.
So if anyone is interested in this buffet, 
please book a lot in advance!!
p.s.: Just calling in might take almost forever!! If only you're lucky, they might pick up ones maybe twice on you!!
The prices and time slots for the buffet are shown below.
i know.. you're welcome (;

a camho photo with Rachel 

Birthday Boy on VIP seat!!

Deciding what to order while i take photos (as usual)

Complimentary prawns

We ordered Duo Soup base.
(Ma La aka spicy & Chicken Herbal soup base)

Some of the items we ordered.

& they're unique buffet comes with XLB!!!
I'm a foodporn lover for Xiao Long Baos...
From my experience of eating Xiao Long Bao,
I would give this Buffet's XLB a 6/10.
It is not the best i've eaten but it's still relatively nice (:
I think the skin is a little too thick, probably because of the rush to make a lot as it is still a buffet afterall.
But it's not dry, the soup inside with the pork mince is really good!
So overall.
6/10 (:

See what they did to the baos .___.

Went for drinks after dinner!!
See the NS mens!! :DD

Now the whole clique of guys!!
You can easily differentiate the BOYS and the MEN!!
Le boy is definitely still a little boy^^

These 2 NS men are under Le boy's dad (:
Here's a photo to proof!!!

Black & White

Darlie's Advert should find him!!

Edmund's birthday cake!!
Made with love by BIG BIRD aka Becks 


Jovelle & Jun Hao 

The other couple 
*sorry!! Cant remember your names >.<*


Birthday Presents!!!

Ending this blog post with 2 polaroid photos of Le boy & i 
We've just celebrated our 2 years anniversary!
Gonna blog about the fun-filled 3 days soon after i'm done posting all the overdue photos!!


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