Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kayley Kate

Here's your daily dosage of advertorial!!!
I've done an advertorial for Kayley Kate before.
You can find that entry HERE.
I'm advertising for them again this time round because 
they are revamping their blogshop!
YES!! A huge revamp and thus, good news for my readers too!!
But... that will come at the end of this post.
I was sponsored with 3 apparels this time from Kayley Kate.
Instead of doing my usual advertorial at home, i tried doing an outdoor advertorial for them!!! (;
Lots of pretty photos coming your way! 
*scroll down*

Here's the first apparel.
Unique Cut-Dress
 Like what has mention,
i chose this dress because of it's unique cut at the end of the dress!
It's really pretty and it flaunts my loooong & nice legs :P

 Simply paired this dress out with a simple necklace and suede boots and you're off to go!
Another suggestion would be by wearing a long chiffon cardigan over the dress (;
Chio photos right?!!

Do note that this gorgeous cut dress is available in collection 2!

Next apparel,
Colour Pop Puffy Sleeve Blazer

 I love bright colors!!
& this blazer's colour is really a love at first sight!
Adding a plus to this blazer...
It has puffy sleeves!!!

Blazer gives an elegant feel to it, so i simply 
paired it off with tassel earrings (my favourite!!^^), Gladiator heels and 
Trissandra's Greek Dress to finish the look!

This blazer comes in pink too!
It's available in Collection 3 (:

Here's the last apparel,
 This premium black blazer is really a catch!
I love the shoulder paddings that enhances the appearance of this whole look! :DD
 Simply paired it off with a black spaghetti top, brown bottom and Dr martin's boots with a simple necklace to finish the look!
 This blazer is also found in Collection 3!

Now.. here's some of the perks from the revamp!!

So get more friends to LIKE their Facebook Page and get more discounts 
when you purchase their apparels!|
Closing date for this promotion is till tomorrow, 25/11/2012!

Want more perks?!!

As for my readers,
you're entitled to 10% off total bill!!
get FREE registered mail when you spend more than $50 with them!!

Happy Shopping!

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