Sunday, November 18, 2012

My confession. A student woes.

Haven't been blogging much because my common test is around the corner >.<
Projects are piling up and most of the deadlines are around the corner too!!!

i'm gonna blog about my woes, my confession about a usual student life.
Which that includes most of the students (i suppose).
You may or may not be a science student.
Be it engineering, business, IT, design students..
So long as you are a poly students and is working part-time while studying,
i bet you're in the category i'm gonna blog about.

This is basically the life of a science student .__.
& that includes me.

We always get super exhausted due to the piles of work we have to do..
All the work include our daily school routine, part-time jobs, BGR (i admit, that takes up time as well), friends gatherings etc etc...

To me, my part-time job does takes up most of my time.
& that explains why i always can't finish my school work.
Or i should say.. 

I can't deny Facebook has been addictive ever since it existed.
Instagram, Blogger and Twitter has also been my usual routine.
This explains why i always do not have time and energy to finish up all my assignments and projects by the end of the day ):
It's like, i can't really leave them all out as well..
So all i did was to spend my nights working on my projects and assignments.

 Project's deadline is queuing one after another & the best thing is...
Common test comes right after it.

Oh wells...
Anyway,, now it's the time to finalize the projects on hand and move on to the revision part.
But im wayyyyy too lazy.
I mean seriously.
When the weekends are near, 
i'll always tell myself to study this week, the week after...
& guess what happen?!

or worst still..

But when Sunday comes..
most of us will just still do the same...
Laze around and do nothing..
Nothing got to do with school.

& then...
when the deadlines are 1 or 2 days away...

I'm trying to change all the bad habits of last minute work and gaining more motivation as this is my last semester before im officially a graduate of NYP.

So yea, 
i'm gonna have a blog post on how to manage your time, relax and gain motivations to study!!

Stay tune to that post soon (;
Stay beautiful and till the next post,

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