Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kbox. Jcube. Taiwan Cuisine

Hi guys!!
Gonna start this entry with my usual camho "big head pics" aka 大头照

all these events happened a month ago..
It was my first time to Jcube then!!
Went for a karaoke session with my secondary school BFFs then head down to Jcube to look around and have dinner (:


I prolly miss ice-skating the most ever since they fully renovated the Jurong Entertainment Center into JCUBE.
When i was in Secondary school, i used to save up my pocket money and go for skating at least once a week!!
& because of the weekly practices and fun with friends, i get a lot of big bruises on my knees :X
My grandpa ever tried to forbid me to go skating too because he thinks that girls aren't suppose to get big bruises like the ones i had when i was younger! hahaha
To to frank, those bruises are pretty bad!

This was what i had for dinner!!
& prolly my biggest reason to why i wanna go Taiwan soooo badly!!

A candid but not so candid photo!!

My crazy yet lovable fetish-for-food-cravings girl! 

Famous Taipei Milk Tea!!!

The price of the food is quite reasonable.
About a range of $5-$10 per dish and the food is good!!

Spicy Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles

Rock Salt Crispy Chicken
Vermicelli with Oysters and Pig's Intestines

Spring Onion Pancake


Alright, that's all folks!!

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