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#11 Salon De Choix: BANGS! X Meet-up session w my excited girlfriends♥

Hello readers!
I'm going to start this post with a 'pretty' photo of myself.....

Haha... I was just showing you my little achievement I had for keeping fringe 
this long before I decided to chop it off this time!
It's a brave decision to start with because I blurted out this idea only after mesmerising at 
Taylor Swift's fringe!  

So after much considerations and a brief consultation with Chester,
he decided to go with my bold idea.
Do read on and stay till the end of this post because I have to show off my new hairstyle, hair colour &...
I have an important announce to make at the end of the post!

Before I start my entry, let me show off my latest favourite romper that I bought from Theory of Seven!

#triciaOOTD: N A V Y
Romper - Theory of Seven (
Nude pump heels - Zalora
Brown box bag - BKK

Love the cutting and how it gives me looooong and nice legs!^^
Also, it shows a little cleavage! 
So ladies with bigger boobs, time to show them to the world!
Haha!! I'm just kidding! :P

One last photo of me at Salon De Choix with my old fringe.

See my pink streaks that maintained its brightness and colour for the past 2-3months!
Love how the colour intensity maintained so well even after not touching up for soo long!
Totally worth your money!
It's also amazing how my hair still maintained healthy and smooth even after attempting 
sooooooooo many crazy colours.

This time round, Chester is going for another creative colour technique just on my highlighted streaks!
It's called the Dip-Dye Highlight!
Basically, it's similar to the usual dip-dye technique but instead of doing it on my whole head, 
it's gonna be just on my highlighted streaks so it doesn't look too loud yet enough to hold anyone's attention!
I'm going with PURPLE because I wanna be a asian barbie princess with pretty bangs!^^
Plus, purple always goes well with pink!
Teehee!! Just wait & see...

Now, you might be thinking that I'm gonna colour the rest of my head pastel purple but...NO.
It's reddish brown! Still going with the neutral tones but lighter than before.

I like how Salon De Choix make the effort to make sure that your hair has the best intensity colour 
and ideal evenness throughout the whole head! 

First, the hair-dye was spread evenly across my head.

Later, the roots were touched-up to get even tresses throughout the whole head.
Black healthy roots can actually absorb new hair colour faster than the longer and older tresses that has gone through a few rounds of chemical process before. That's is why it was applied later to my roots!

Adding on to the excellent services, they will also protect your ears with plastic ear covers to prevent hair dyes from sticking to your ears! (:

After the hair colour have set in, it's time for a wash and TREATMENT!
I'm doing the same treatment as the one I did last month!
To read more about the treatment I did,

After the treatment, my hair was pampered with a boost of this mythic oil!
Love how baby smooth my hair become after that!

Before the haircut,
let me show you my new dip-dye hair!
This is the actual hair colour!
See the gradient Chester created as well?!
I was amazing surprise by that!!

Now... show you my ghostly loooooong fringe!

I had a good laugh at the salon when I "let down my hair" LOL.

After the hair-cut....
Here's the final result...



More #SELFIE with my new look!

It's sooo refreshing and I can feel the wind on my face again!^^

I was still damn worried I'll look fugly with bangs because I've cut bangs before & it just look really wrong on me ): THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEED AND WANTED!


More #SELFIE because my fringe is just perfect & my hair is baby smooth!
There's nothing more I could ask for SERIOUSLY!

Wanna get yourself a new hair colour or a new hairstyle for yourself?

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.
Quote TRICIAKOHH for 15% off!

*Announcement at the end of the post...READ ON!*

After the hair pampering session,
I went to meet my excited girlfriends for dinner at Watami Casual Dining Restaurant!
Meet my girlfriends, Sarah & Yeekee!

I love their Watami Salad there! One of the best I've tried!
Also, if you enjoy avocado and salmon...
This avocado and salmon sushi will be one choices you can make when you eat at Watami!
I've also tried Watami again earlier this week and I really love the other foods I've tried!
Do check out my Instagram for those photos!

Here's my dearest Yeekee!

She made one of the prettiest cupcakes I've seen & here are some she did specially for Sarah & I.
Aren't they just delicate & pretty?
Too pretty to eat actually! Haha!!

Thank you babe for this pretty little cuppycake!^^
If she ever opens a store, I'll definitely keep y'all posted because she's really good at baking and definitely something y'all should try as well!


As seen from the poster above, Salon De Choix will be doing Free Styling Session at KPO tomorrow!
 9th April from 8 to 10pm!
Do note that reservations has to be done at KPO!
Here are some of the hairstyles Chester did for me over the years to get you excited!

What are you waiting for?!
Keep your Ladies night free & head to KPO!
Go Be Beautiful!

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