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It's Only a Dream - Fashion Show ♥


On 14th March,
Raffles students studying Fashion Marketing and Merchandising from the 
Raffles College of Higher Education hosted a Fashion show from Harpers Bazaar 
featuring winners Sean Loh & Sheila Widjaja at Chijmes Hall. 

The theme of the event was inspired from the magical world of Alice in Wonderland with a slight twice of Japanese inspiration. Hence the title, 
It's Only a Dream.

There was a lot of sponsors and collaboration for this fashion show!
Take a look at their banner!

My OOTD for the day!

Had to go to school that day so I dressed 'low key' and tried to go for this rocker chic look 
with a twist of the fairy-like dreamcatcher necklace.
#triciaOOTD: It's Only a Dream
Mint crop top and monochome skirt from H&M.
Accessories from Lovisa
Boots from SingSale (some UK brand that I don't remember of)

One last selfie before I start exploring the place (:
I was really that day so I had the chance to glimpse through the preparations going on before the show. 

The following few photos will bring you through the preparation and Chijmes Hall details (:

Chijmes Hall really fits the whimsical theme!
Took another outfit shot with the hall because it's sooo beautiful (:

Beautifully decorated table for the media conference later with the designers, Sean and Sheila.

Invited Michelle to come along with me to watch this show!
It was really nice to see her again after sooo long!

From the media conference, we've asked a few questions to find out more insights about
 Sean and Sheila collection and they're experience in the Harpers Bazaar competition.

Here's what I've learnt from the press release (:

Being honored graduates of Raffles, 
Sean and Sheila was inseparable since they met whilst studying at 
Raffles Design institute Singapore. 
The Malaysian andIndonesian duo Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha (both born in 1990) 
decided to join forces after graduating in 2012.

Their first feat was winning Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Award 
regionally for both Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The fashion show showcases ready-to-wear collections from 
Harpers Bazaar competition winners Sean Loh, and Sheila Widjaja. 
The collections seek to marry the traditional and modern aesthetics in tasteful timeless fashion. 
Sean Loh and Sheila collection “A Thousand Kisses Deep” draws its theme from Giacomo Puccini’s legendary opera, Madame Butterfly set in 1904 in Japan and mixing them with elements from 
Ron Van Dongen’s floral photography. 

Here are some of the collection featured in Harper's Bazaar.

The Designers...
Sean Loh 
Sheila Agatha Wijaya 

A Thousand Kisses Deep
A Thousand Kisses Deep is the tittle that holds my collection, expressing the mood of the story Madame Butterfly.

Giacomo Puccini draws my Japanese inspired theme from the legendary Opera act and Floral Photographs by Ron Van Dongen. Madame Butterfly set in
the year 1904 in Japan. The short story has fan-reaching influence on writers, directors and formed an integral part of the Japanese heritage. According to one scholar, the story of the opera was based on events that actually occurred in Nagasaki in the early 1890’s.

I am deeply inspired by the sorrowful affair between Pinkerton and Cio Cio San which provided the romance and melancholy for my collection. Ron Van
Dongen in turn provided the texture and structure shaping my silhouettes. Cio Cio San’s courage breaking ethnicities yet practicing her traditions deeply influenced my brand identity.

My brand identity derives from the paradox of Cio Cio San’s rebellious spirit combined with her faith in traditions. “Breaking the rules but keeping the traditions “marrying modernism and traditions is the ambition of my label.

As illustrated in my sketches, the Collection theme embodies traditional Japanese uniform, but simultaneously brought to life into the contemporary
fashion of today; my desire is to break the rules within the boundaries of tradition, uniting the qualities of new and old. In similar fashion toward Cio Cio San’s marriage with Pinkerton.

Madame Butterfly is about a melancholic romance. Women who wear my collection should feel dramatically bold, strong and beautiful in an artistic sense.
My collection expresses the polarity of human nature: Darkness and light, somberness and light-hearted romance. My Floral-inspired silhouettes will see women draped in shantung silk and pleated chiffon, Hakama like pants, floral inspired silhouettes embedded with embroidered lace and expensive textured polyesters in lush colors to the monastic pink and black shades of Georgia O’ Keffe’s Black Iris. Japanese sash and Kendo uniform influenced the embellishment of my collection, using topstitching and embedded polyester to imitate pictures of Van Dongen’s works. Accompanied with the jaunty of a floral headpiece. This represents my attempt to showcase the raw emotion, gestures, and romance of Madame Butterfly

Lastly, ending the media conference with a photo with the designers!

Before I continue on with the event commencement, I would like to thank Cassandra, a student from the Raffles College and my poly friend for inviting me to this fashion show! It's definitely an eye-opener for me!^^ 

And after much waiting, the event finally commence.
Guests for the night slowly stroll in while the photographers snap many pictures away...

Here's mich & I taking our own selfies...
*more to come later as well...

& another with professional photographers with the event photobooth!

A feast of delicious finger foods to welcome the guests...

I absolutely love the Lavie lashes at the pop-up lash bar at the event itself!
We each have a free pair to try and I can't wait to share my review...
*coming soon!*

Last few selfies before the fashion show begin!

Here's one with Mich's korean friend!

Oh..before I forget to mention...
This fashion show is a charity event to support Bone Marrow Donor Programme & 10% of the profits will be donated to help and support them. (:

Enjoy my version of the pictorial fashion show taken by yours truly...



Sean Loh & Sheila Agatha Wijaya 

Taking encouragement from their friends, acquaintance and mentors, OPHELIE will present his first, self financed women’s collection in Australia and Malaysia for autumn/winter 2014 showcasing a refined take on simple tailored classic embedded with beautiful handmade fabrics, 
marrying traditional silhouette’s and modern tailoring. 
These are modern clothes for strong women who loves subtle colour palette that 
adds to OPHELIE’s seasonal collections.

One finale walk of all the models and the uniquely designed pieces by Sean & Sheila!

Us with our goodies bags!

Thank you Raffles College for inviting me to the show!
It's definitely an eye-opener to the fashion world and seeing how Singapore is growing to become a fashion hub makes me really proud to be a Singaporean!
Hope to see more fashion shows in the future!

Till the next entry,
be beautiful & smile! :DD

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