Friday, May 18, 2012

The Hungry Games

like that the title says...
This post is gonna make you droooooooooool!!!

recently i love galaxy print apparels & bralets!!
bralets can show off my pretty tummy^^
just so you know,, my tummy is one of the body feature i love the most :P
hence, this is the

There's 'The Voice' featured in Sydney..
i was just imitating the bus advert of the lady doing the "V".
 when the bus gets too long to arrive,
we start to cam-whore...
 & when we start. we do all sorts of nonsense face expression!!
 walking through the streets to meet my uncle who is going to bring us for good food!!!

 we saw this beautiful alley while walking..
hence, we decided to stop for awhile & start our own mini photoshoot!!

Featuring Clara 

Featuring Tricia ♥ aka ME :D

 this is like the usual buildings we see in English Dramas...
the ambiance is just tooo good to be true (:
the cooling weather, the friendly people & the good food that is about to be savor later...
& when i say good food, 

We went past a Lamborghini store...
the cars are simply GORGEOUS  

The first restaurant we went to is called <u> The FISH SHOP </u>
 Here's the front entrance of the restaurant.
They wanted a simple take-away design with fisherman's style.
 Here's the Open Concept Kitchen (:
 & this is the Bar where everyone can chill out & have a drink (:

In this restaurant, people dont have to queue all night outside the restaurant,
they can simply just head to the bar & have a drink first while waiting
and when there's tables available, the staff will transfer the customers to their seat where they can continue having they're drinks while waiting for the food ordered to be served (:
 Here's my uncle posing for the camera!!
 The busy kitchen...
 here's the boss of this restaurant with my uncle (:
i am really glad & lucky to be here in Sydney (& at the right time) to do food tasting with my uncle
 in this restaurant because they serve really 
fresh & yummy-licious food here!!!
just so you know,
my uncle is one of the head chef in this company.
#soproud :P

oh!! another fact?!!
Australia is one of the countries that have the freshest catch of seafood!!!
if Japan is first, Australia will be second!!!! :DD
omg... im drooooling now while typing all this... >.<

here's the highlights of the day!!!
*prepare to droooooooool* 

<u> Cocktails </u>

The first drink served is a surprise cocktail drink specially made just for Clara & i 
 The bar tender asked what is our favorite base, we told him we ♥ cream base cocktails
& he decided to let us try something different, 
something more of a sour & fruity cocktail to start of the night (:
 one word to describe the cocktail specially made for us?

here are some of the other cocktails we ordered from the menu (:
 Salt 'n' Malt Margarita 

 Young Coconut Cocktail 

<u> MENU </u>
this is  where is Hungry Games begin!!
 Blue eye Fish Fingers 
this is the BEST starter!!!
it is something like the ikan bilis we eat in Singapore
 but they deep fry it & the flavor is just purrrrrfect!!!

 squeezing in a slice of lemon & WA LA~~
nomm nommmm nommmmmmmmmmm...

 Chicken & cabbage dim sim 
this is similar to the siew mai we have in Singapore
but it has a fusion taste in it!!
really interesting dish to try (:

 Cuttlefish, Garlic, Chilli & Parsley 
as i mention before, the seafood is super fresh & delicious in Australia...
this is one dish that can prove it!!
the Cuttlefish is soooo smooth & chewy~
like what the menu called this dish,
it just need a little garlic, chilli & parsley to enhance the flavor of the cuttlefish.

 Potato Scallops 

 Sydney rock oysters 
just so you know how good this dish is,
the fresh rock oysters are sold individually @ AUD$2.50 each.
the potato scallops and the Chicken & cabbage dim sim are also sold individually too!!!
this is what i call "ATAS FOOD" (;

 Smoked eel & horseradish croquettes 
Crispy on the outside, Soft and creamy on the inside...
what else can i ask for??
just say "mmmmMMMMmmmmm"

 this is one of the main food item to try in this restaurant!!!
it is not in the menu, however... there's this board that states "Today's Market List"
& when you order, they will serve this special dish made by the chefs from the catch they have!!
the fishes they have are fresh daily & every day's catch is different!!!

 here's another MUST TRY!!!
the fish fillet just simply melts in your mouth...
im craving for more now!!!

 special thanks to my uncle who brought us around Sydney 
& this restaurant to have such wonderful food!!!

Wondering what does this sign means??


 The toilet's concept is also really pretty 

 here's the address to this restaurant :
22 challis avenue, potts point
Twitter: @merivalchefs #pottspointfish

the second restaurant we went to is <u> Ms. G </u>
 the main entrance... level 2
 this restaurant has a total of 4 levels...
this is the 3nd level where there are more tables for customers to dine in...
 this is the 1st level where the big kitchen is..
 busy chefs working on their artworks on the plates...
 the 4th level, where we sat & chilled out with cocktails served (:

 there's a DJ setting up too!!
time to heat up the place~
 here's the bar's menu....

 this is the Aloe Vera cocktails clara ordered.
 & here's the Ms G smoothie cocktail i ordered (:
this is sooo yummy!!!
it taste like lemon ice-blend & i totally forgot about the liquor in it...
i zonk out a little while walking down the stairs to the main entrance :P
dont under estimate these cocktails..they are sooo yummy that they kill!!

here's the toilet concept for Ms. G 
another unique concept 
gonna go to the Blue Mountains tomorrow!!
have to wake up at 5am in the morning to catch the coach that will take us there...
it's a 3hour coach ride & i am gonna take loads of pictures up there!!!
its gonna be the coldest day i've ever experience in this trip :DD
Stay Tune!!

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