Monday, May 14, 2012

Instagram ♥

the days in school...
a cup of Hot Chocolate always make my day 

 Chicken Rice with potato & mushroom dish (:

 urgh... FOOD .____.
makes me really hungry right now while blogging in the middle of the night :/

 my usual favourite Aglio Olio 

no make-up :D 

Sugary treat : Canoli  

 Another no make-up photo :DD

 going home after school...
i'll always see this view of my school (:
beautiful isn't it?

 fish & chix 

 new winter wear from Target for the windy days~


 this is a wall of thesis books from the graduate seniors of UNSW...
one day,, i'll have mine here too..
<u> EASTER SHOW </u>
Instagram photos 

 Started off the day with my favourite cereals & banana 

Clara self-obsessed photos while i was preparing myself...


 our lipstick 

 Pancakes make good breakfast 

my self-obsessed photo :DD


The Central Station.
 Heading to the Royal Easter Show Carnival 

 Toffee Apple one of the best sweet treats i've ever tasted!!!

 This is a crazy ride that doesn't stop!!!

 & the reason why we didn't go for anymore rides after that...
felt like puking halfway through the ride..OMG~

The super crazy ride my supervisors are going on...

 The field where the fireworks performance is held!!!


i bought devil horns from the Easter Show stall :DD
love it 

 The magazines received from the show bags (:

sigh... if only Singapore has DOLLY :/

we went to the Easter Show the next day to get more goodies (:

 Clara & i ate the world's 2nd hottest chilli...
apparently we survived & receive this!!!
it was a painful experience...
but it's worth it!!

here are some of the goodies we bought from the Easter Show (:
 Beef Jerky (:
bought a box of 5 different flavors 

Tea Tonic 
gonna share this box with Clara..
Apparently it helps with slimming, beauty, detox, calming, distressing, focusing and many more health benefits (:

p.s: Instagram is sooo additive...ahhahahah~


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