Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Part of Me...

Recently after staying in Sydney for a while...
I've grown to like eating some of the staple foods i don't usually eat.
so.. here it is!!!
a compilation of my favorite food (HOME-COOKED).

1. Cereal.

People like to have cereal in the morning before school/work. 
I love it best with fresh skim milk^^
However, i do take cereal for lunch/dinner or even as a snack when 
i feel like nibbling in the middle of the night. 

To prevent gaining too much weight from the cereal intake,
i chose those cereal with 98 ~ 99% fat free and skim milk instead of full cream milk. :P

p.s.: just so you know, i  heavy breakfast (:
keeps me full till dinner most of the time... 
 coco pops 
 Coles 98% Fat-Free cereal
(an alternative i chose tho i really like the coco pops a lot)

2. Rice.

Rice have always been a staple food to majority of the Asian countries (:
I've always dislike having rice and will always choose noodles or other carbs. over rice if i have a choice.
However, i've started liking rice recently & craving for more!!
here are some of the rice dishes i had & yes,, home-cooked (:

 mince beef rice bowl (:
initially, i miss Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl
hence, Clara and i came out with an idea to cook something similar instead..
we added red chilli to spice it up a little... 

 Fried Rice
this is the typical Asian chinese style fried rice (:
it's simple & very easy to cook!!!
Simply love the texture of the rice with the mixed veg!!

 Risotto with cube potatos 
This is my favorite among the rest of the rice dishes!!
its sticky, creamy & it fits well with the potatos!!
Simply Delightful & Yummy :DD 

3. Garlic.
I know this is not a dish... 
BUT,, it goes well with a  lot of good food..
especially.. AGLIO OLIO :DD
p.s.: just so you know again.. i used to hate garlic a lot.
i find them really stinky and my fingers will stink after 
chopping them up in preparation for the cooking.
it will stink my fingers even after the shower!! TRUST ME.
however,, it taste really good with Aglio Olio 

it's beyond words to describe... 
ok.. im exaggerating :P 

4. Potato.

They are good carbs. and in the recent yahoo news,
it is also a surprising food that helps in losing weight (:
(provided no fatty sauces or creams are used)

 Potatoes goes well with Spinach, Mushrooms and Chilli 

 Mash potatoes are yummy-licious too!!
it goes really well with Broccoli and Boiled corn 
 Potatoes makes simple & delicious dishes :D

5. Yogurt.

Yogurt are really healthy and best of all,
you can have it as a meal (:
Yogurt goes well with fresh fruits and cereal :DD
 Blueberry Yogurt with dried cranberries 

my landlord made this yogurt herself at home (:
it goes really well with  the blueberries 


6. Fruits.

Fruits are all time favorite & it is super healthy!!!
nothing is better than a fruit plate for dessert right??

so now you know a little more of me...
ok,, time for BIG BANG THEORY :DD
im watching season 4 now!!
it's damn hilarious...

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