Monday, July 4, 2011

Poly ain't that easy

people always thought studying in a POLYTECHNIC is like a breeze...very slack & blar blar blar...
but let me tell you this...HELL NO!!!

we may be having a much easier time compared to a JC student's never easy to be a poly student too ((:
we do study & mug hard too!!

my mugging sessions with BFFs : felicia & cassandra

US. studying at BPP mac

i didnt notice her toe nail colour until she took off her sneakers!!!

SAME colour but DIFFERENT foot size !!!!
why my feet soooooooooooooooooo F.A.T =.=
p.s: it's sooo difficult to buy shoes with such ginormous feet )):

this is not a camwhore photo BTW...
just wanna show everyone my dark eye rings due to late night studies for NIGHTS...

MADNESS CUTE photo of BFF!!!!!!!!!!!
took it by accident but its soooo cute luh!!!!!! :DD

k..finally a normal photo of her ((:

hope to see her around soon as she is realllllly buzy with her school work now...

muggin' @T3 for common test
fel doesnt have common test like cass & i...but she have tons of projects to finish is super short deadlines...yup,,that's the difference between a media student & the engineering, life science student ((:

we actually CAMWHORE a lot to make ourselves awake... pass time too...heehee

camwhore halfway myself...then i realize my eye bags are really heavy...

O.O ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!

T3 is a really quiet & comfortable place to study in...
free air-con & super duper quiet except for times when tourist snores in between their sleep...

example of those 'noises'

zoooooooom in... it is actually 2 men snoozing away

we brought 1 for 1 coke float @ MAC
yum yum^~^

BFF camwhore
*she cover her fringe a little because she scare it goes center-parting again!!!!*

when it's going to be 5...we saw this signboard at a corner...

but no one seems to really care about this signboard anyway...i saw design students sketching away near our chairs ((:

LOVE these pictures of the DAY^^

OK.... camwhore done!!!

when we're about to pack & go for MAC value breakfast...the 2 men have gone without knowing!!!!
hahahahaha's really tiring to study throughout the night...we spent most of the time chatting to keep ourselves awake & camwhore to be alert..

we just slept throughout in the bus while on our way home tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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