Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mini Photoshoot!

Like the titles says...
My sissy & i did a random mini photoshoot for ourselves on 初二 
while on our way to our gammy's house (:

So let me start this post with..........
 DA BEST CNY PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I don't usually point middle finger *act demure*
Took me a while to get a perfect middle finger photo okay?!
I'm serious!!
The rest of the umglam photos (which i didn't post up) is super CMI!!!
It's either i look toooooo "smiley" or "friendly" or "sweet" like what my sister comments...
OR my finger isn't straight enough, slanted to one side blah blah blah!!!
A lot of problems la!!!!
This is the best shot already!!
So do appreciate!!!!

Photos are all taken by my sister (Racia) & me(:
The theme of our photoshoot is:
Outfit Of The Day
 My sister's outfit for CNY is more playful, casual and flirty (:

Whereas for my outfit, it's the total opposite.
More feminine, sweet and demure.

As her character and outfit portrays playfulness, sporting and fun...most of her shots are "louder".
That's prolly the reason why my sister's shoots are all at the playground, on the chair, at the dustbin :X
But i like the effect tho (:
Enjoy the photos^^

As for me...
i'm in my usual smile sweet sweet and feel pretty kinda mode.
Plus my outfit actually matches my feminine character (chey!!!~)
*thickskin* whatever!! :P
So my shoots are mostly those smile sweet sweet and look super happy kind la!
Of course i'm enjoying myself coz i love taking pretty photos^^

Before going to gammy's place, we took photos are the staircase area!
Finally a common spot for both of us! :DD

♥ my heels!
It's velvet!!!
& the most comfortable heels i've ever worn! :DD

That's all 

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