Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! ♥ (Part 2)

So this was 初二 at my gammy's place!

Took pictures with my pretty aunts before leave!

Finally a decent photo with Uncle Keith.

Get what i mean when i said decent photo?
Uncle keith has a habit to close his eyes when we take photo.
It happens MOST of the time.
We got soooo pissed off with his "eye problem" so sissy and i started nagging him to 
open his eyes BIG BIG.

See what happens after that?!
Everyone else looks sooo pretty!
Gonna make a GIF on this!
*scroll down to see!*

Another EPIC photo of the day!
gammy looking reluctant when we took a photo of us kissing her!
She always say "gom yong shun" which means very disgusting!

& here's my grand dad who always look sooo 幸福 when we kiss him^^
He always say "bok bok" when he wants goodbye kisses before we leave!
heehee sweet eh?! 

Found some new decor in the house this year!
Some photos my aunt took out & place around the living room (:
When i was chubby and had bangs!

 & when i was really tan and dark!

Like i said...
i made a GIF animation of this epic BIG BIG eyes photo!
& i just realize my grand dad photobomb & disappear in this GIF!!

That's all folks!
Gonna head back to finish my studies for Monday's last paper!

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