Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! ♥

Blogging about 初一 of CNY!!!

Every year, we will buy new pretty clothes for this festive season!^^
Here's our #OOTD!

The adults were all busy giving away ang baos while we go around to 拜年 ^^

Here's a few photos of the busy people preparing our reunion lunch for CNY!

Everyone is helping out!

There's too much photos so i'm just gonna let the photos do all the talking!


Here's our "Lou Hei"

We don't only have salmon!
We have abalones too!

Grabbed a few shots of my grandpa indulging in his crab!
Isn't he just adorable?

Here's my tallest cousin!
He used to be a cry baby that is one head shorter than me!
I have to tip toe in order to take this photo & yet still shorter than him!
Any takers for this handsome? :P

This shot is EPIC!
See what happens when you camho with someone who doesn't camho at all?
If you still don't get what i meant....
He is just smiling to himself in the mirror expecting the photo to look good!

Camho-ring takes skills!

This is much better!
After we laughed and taught him how to take photos with your reflection!

random: Sissy photobomb my camera.
Just gonna post these up for her^^

My pretty aunt

A mini family photo


Camho a little with our pretty aunt here!

Our beloved gammy

Signature "SAD FACE" ):

 After that we went to more relative houses to 拜年 (:

Camho with my sisters while the adults chit chat!^^

After going to a few relative houses, we went to Causeway Point to have some snacks (:
 See how my little sissy photobomb me while i'm trying to take a good shot of my #OOTD!

Family photo

See the banners behind?
Each banner describes one animal in the chinese astrology signs.
I'm born in the year of the MONKEYS (:
& this year seem to be a bad year for the monkeys...
My parents told me something about 犯太岁 but i have really no idea what it really mean..
So yea... basically, it means bad luck... i think?

 Here's my handsome daddyKOH

photo best!

Before we leave CWP...
as usual, we camho in the toilet :X
Forever toilet smellers!

Really love my artsy hat
Bought it from Dancing Circus

 My cousins came over to my house at night for a visit^^

Here's my pretty cousin!
Can't believe we used to play together since young!
Now we have all grown up!

Snapped a photo of Daddy chatting away with my uncle and his friend (:

We used to have a picture of us 5 posing for the camera like this a few years back!
It's a pity that i couldn't find that particular photo of us anymore! ):
Here's us in 2013!^^

OK! That's all i have from CNY first day!
More to come on another post...
Time for myself to pour out all my thoughts!

I had a bad day yesterday. ):
Totally worn out and drained by the exams and little mishaps going on around me.
I guess i just wasn't in the right state of mind yesterday.
Things was just not going smoothly.
I was sick when i woke up,
coughing and having my usual bad sore throat so i didn't really have any appetite to eat.
In the afternoon, i went to school.
I was really blur when i step into the exam hall.
That was prolly because i was hungry...
Anyway, i took the exam and i did the most ridiculous thing anyone would have done! 
 I drew my own graph on a normal single lined answer booklet without realizing that there was a graph paper right at the back of the answer booklet!
Who can ever be as dumb as me?!
I really felt super humiliated at myself!
But it was too late then when i found out my stupid mistake because the time is up ):
Le sigh...
So after exams... i thought of meeting my boyfriend to tell him how upset and dumb 

i felt and basically regurgitate everything that happen to me that day over a good peaceful dinner at his place.
Guess what?!
I cant really tell you guys why...
But it's basically some family issue.
So yeah...
I had a bad day, a bad exam, a bad dinner.
& so the reason to why i gave myself an unofficial "MC" for today to rest and do nothing!
Nothing at all...
Just rest and do whatever i like (:

& i felt sooo much better now after a good day of rest!
thanks for reading all my complains^^
I hope i wasn't too draggy! :X


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