Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CNY Eve! ♥

The previous CNY entry was a Reunion dinner with my maternal family (:
If you haven't read that post...
you can read it here @ CNY REUNION LUNCH ENTRY

Now... this entry is a continuation for my CNY posts.
& it's gonna be an entry of my reunion dinner with my paternal family!
But before we go there...
let me tell you guys a good news!
It's a good news to me only luh~ BUT good news is worth to share!^^
Although it is not the latest version but i still love it!^^
Went down to Haji Lane on CNY eve to collect my "present"

My sissy accompanied me to collect with me ((:

Here's my nails for CNY^^
yes! & i painted them myself!
Not very professional but i DIY ok?!

To be frank, 
it was my first time walking down the street Haji Lane in day light!
I've only been there at night for shisha sessions with my friends...
HAJI LANE is soooo beautiful in day light when all the boutique shops are open!^^ 

Here's my #OOTD!
Feat. tassel necklace from RAINBOW MOCHI
& floral shorts from Alescere  

 All the shops are too pretty!
Have to take photos even tho i didn't apply makeup >.<

Sissy joined in the fun!

It's a artsy haven there!
Every shop is filled with pretty and unique items and decorations!
Totally love how each shop is unique and special on their own^^

Feel in love with this gramophone when i saw it!
This shop in particular sells a lot of unique and retro items!
Love their telephones there!
They really have a whole collection of retro phones for sale!!

Sissy and her epic face expressions again!

Look at what i mean when i say super cool and unique decor?! 

Photo taken by sissy!

More pretty pictures!
*scroll down*

Had a lot of fun that whole afternoon!^^

Oh... & here's my present!!!
That eyeliner is from Essence!
Its a really affordable brand for cheap and good make up!^^
It's available at LOT 1's Watson!
So do check it out (:
See that series of eye shadows?!!! 
I'm falling in love again~~~ 

Here's my make-up for CNY eve!
Momo say it's a little too blue..
But i like :X

Feat. Essence blue eye-liner!

More camho pictures....


Here's the busy chefs for the night!
Preparing a scrumptious CNY eve reunion dinner :DD
We used to have steamboats everyother year...
But daddyKOH want a change for this year...
So here's my daddyCHEF and his assistant cooking^^

Our "Lou Hei"

Get ready for #FOODPORN

 Abalones & Scallops for the WIN!!!



We have kids at home...
Cannot drink red wine..
So we drink sparkling juices! 
Drool not?!
I am just sooo blessed with a daddyCHEF! 

This year, we had 2 new members into our family!
Here's the new born baby twin girls

 Camho sisters  

Gotton caught in an unglam shot!
I blame my sister for it!
But nah!!!
Here's a photo of me = UGLY + UNGLAM

A table filled with CNY goodies 

Ok,, ending this post with my photo again!^^


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