Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (For Her) ♥♥♥

This post may come a tad later than usual but here are some of the presents I received last Christmas & I wanna share the joy and goodness with you guys because it might come as a great Valentine's Day gift for your beloved one!

1. For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly

Masks are like desserts after your usual skincare routine. They give your skin an additional boost of nutrients and goodness. Most masks requires a wash off, so when you're feeling lazy or have absolutely no time to pamper your skin, sleeping masks will definitely do the trick & this is definitely one I'm sticking to! 

Here's a plus point!
I like how it's named already! 
For Beloved One, definitely a great gift idea unintentionally!

I love how it is double sealed with a cover on top to seal the goodness inside the tub! 
This jelly jam also claims to get rid of nasty antioxidants overnight. 
It combines antioxidant properties of red wine and grape seed, 
which protects the collagen in your skin and infuse it with anti-ageing goodness. 

I'm in love with sleeping masks because they help to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep! 
However, I do get really picky with the sleeping masks I use because comfort during my beauty sleeps are really important to me. I'm afraid that some might get too creamy or sticky and sticks onto my pillow cases during my sleep.  

This perfect jelly jam fits that perfect job! 
All you need is a generous layer at the end of your skincare routine and the mask will absorb into your skin efficiently and melt your wrinkles away!

 2. PS Love in Mint

PS Love have always been my life saviour even during festive seasons!
Last Christmas, they sent a mint box to me 

It's the 20th century already! 
If you are totally clueless what your girlfriend, lover, mother need...
This is definitely a great gift because the package is really pretty & 
this is definitely something they need on a monthly basis!!!

 PS Love Singapore 


PSLove delivers your Period supplies & remedies every month.
You never have to remember again.
Stay comforted & feel secure.

Quote "TRICIA" for 

10% off your first package! 

(Exclusively for my readers ONLY)

Not long ago, 
PS Love has launch their very own range of heatpacks - MenstruHeat ♡

When I was asked to do a shout out for these newly launch heatpacks, 
I was a little hesitant as I've not tried this range of heatpacks before and wasn't sure if they are effective or not... 
But after receiving this month's care package & finally tried one myself, 
I'm really raving about MenstruHeat now because it heats up quickly & helped me sooth my menstrual cramps efficiently! 
Really comes in handy for every lady out there!!! 
If you have a girlfriend that might have bad cramps like I do, these heatpacks are definitely perfect for gifts for them! 
Click & order here >>

 Christmas sweet treats in bite sizes never goes wrong!
These bite size treats changes monthly and during Valentine's, I'm pretty sure they will have more varieties of bite size treats! All you have to do is to click away!!!
 & last but definitely not the least...
the usual monthly needs sealed in a package!

 3. Star Master Night Lamp

The next item is one of the coolest product that's ever sent to me.
If you've been following my Instagram, you would have seen my posts on the amount of night lights I have in my room...
Well, if you haven't follow... please do because I insta more frequently than I blog! start things off...
I have a few night lights in my room already and they are my YANKEE candle & my warm yellow fairy lights. 
Here's one that you definitely wouldn't wanna miss out!

Comes wrapped in a gift box!

It comes in a few different designs and guess what?!
It's only S$12!!!

If you have a girlfriend that adores night lamps or couldn't get to sleep if it's too dark, 
this will definitely be the best gift ever for her!!!

Bring the tranquility and peace of the night sky into her princess room!
She'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the stars in the comfort of her home all year round with this amazing Star Master Night Lamp.

Watch the video to see how it actually look like at night!

Use the star button to project white stars on your walls and ceiling and bring dynamic colours to the display with the LED button.

I hope these gift ideas are useful and if you have any enquiries, do feel free to comment at the comment box down below & I'll get back to you shortly.
In the meantime, 
I wish you all a very happy & blissful February ahead!


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