Monday, October 20, 2014

Love & Co. || A Royal Love Story ♥

Hi lovelies~
If you've been following my Instagram or stalking my Facebook...
You would have noticed this photo that I've posted about 2 weeks back.

This photo have made a little hoohah  and surprised many into believing that I'm engaged!
I'm not getting married yet.

I'm actually invited to Love & Co.'s Private Event 
2 weeks back @ their VivoCity Outlet.

Love & Co.
A premier jeweller with international standing that heralds a unique brand concept, Love & Co. has been delicately entwining hearts since it's establishment. The specialist in an exceptional range of couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery specially designed for every couple in love, Love & Co. brings the romantic experience of love to the modern jewellery store. 

let me have the honour to share with you my sparkly experience with 
Love & Co. as we celebrate a royal love affair with LVC Aqueen. 

The night starts out with cocktails and a table filled with little exquisite bite-size canapés

And... US
Lovebirds spending a Friday night exploring and choosing our ideal engagement & wedding rings.

I was first introduced to this book of anniversary rings!
Look at all that beautiful rings!!!
It gets more sparkly with more *blink blink* diamonds as your love story continues...
I like how Love & Co. honours this sacred tradition of anniversaries celebrations and creates perfect bands to suit every special anniversary.  

Baby took a candid photo of me choosing my ideal rings

To go a little in-depth...
Ladies usually have one (wedding band) or two (engagement + wedding band) 
rings on their finger. 

For the collection of Love...
There's 2 series of engagement rings.

LVC Lovemark
A Diamond So Rare And Exceptional
I was told that every LVC Lovemark diamond is specially selected. 
Less than 1% of the world's diamond roughs can make the cut!
It is crafted to perfection and ascertained by the International Gemological Institute and validated by Love & Co. before being the chosen one. 

LVC Precieux
Ultimate Symbol Of Love
A beautiful heart shaped diamond set on a 3-claw classic or diamond pavé casing. They are exceptionally rare due to the complexity of the cut. In a class of its own, the LVC Precieux represents ultimate romance.
Melded perfectly into a conspicuous fold leading to a heart shaped diamond perfectly mated to the enduring white gold for a modern effect, this ring is a promise of everlasting love.

For the collection of Love...
There's many series of collections of wedding bands. 

For this season of romance, Love & Co. threw an exclusive blogger event to unviel the romance, splendour and pageantry of a royal love affair with LVC Aqueen, a collection that can withstand the test of time, just like a true blue royal love story. 

LVC Aqueen
A Royal Love Story
LVC Aqueen is by far the most versatile creation of Love & Co.'s craftsmen. Just like how love can be expressed in many ways, the LVC Aqueen can be worn in different styles with just simple rearrangement of the built-in bands made of high quality gold and diamonds.

I absolutely adore the most inner band, a beautiful craving of the monarch butterfly.
It symbolises a new beginning, really sweet and beautiful to be worn plain!

I personally find this ring, when all arranged and combined together,
gets a bit too thick for my finger...
for couples who adore this band, fret not!
This band can be worn in every occasion!
It is available in matching necklaces and bracelet.
For a statement of style and value, 
this collection is definitely a perfect definition of timeless fashion!

LVC Noeud
‘Inspired by the romantic notion of ‘tying the knot’, 
the exquisite LVC Noeud collection binds two hearts to infinity’

Celebrate this perfect union with a knot on your left ring finger, 
where the vein runs directly to the heart.

For her, a lovely rose gold bow is delicately woven on the contrasting 
white gold band and a beautiful diamond sits on the knot like a cherry topping. 

For him, a symmetrical band of rose and white gold entwined together 
speaks of understated style and beauty.

 The best gift in life is to love and to be loved. 
Epitomising modern glamour, the brilliant diamonds set on pristine white gold bow 
exude romance and charm.
Contemporary yet timeless in style, the LVC Noeud ring will be a treasured piece, 
holding poetic emotions dear to your heart.

There's soo much more to see but sooo little time!
Baby & I managed to try this unique ring that shaped like a flower from the front view!
Isn't it unique?!

I've learnt that the engagement and wedding bands can be worn differently with a slight rearrangement !
It's all depending on the design on your rings!

In this photo (below),
I've worn a LVC Lovemark Engagement ring on top of the wedding band to show the 
brilliance in the sparkly slender row of diamonds on the wedding band. 
This arrangement also helps to emphasise the LVC Lovemark diamond that is not understated by the perfect wedding band.

In this photo (below),
I've worn the same LVC Lovemark Engagement ring but this time, 
having it below the wedding band. This arrangement well-suited the dazzling contemporary creation of the wedding band filled with diamonds. It's the perfect circle of that symbolises the eternal perfection and completeness of every union.

you'll be wondering what's my ideal engagement & wedding rings right?
Gonna reveal it soon!
*scroll on!*

The eventful night is not just about acquiring new knowledge of rings and yummy-licious snacks!

There's also a famous caricaturist there to give us a little momento 
of a unique hand-drawn couple sketch on the spot!

Baby, trying to stay fixed on the spot for the caricaturist to draw him!

He is really gooooood!
In just minutes...
He drew a cute sketch of us!

It's super cute & funny!
We LOVED it!

Alright, back to choosing our perfect rings~~~
I swear baby took a longer time choosing his perfect ring than I do! :P
without further a due... 
Let me present to you our 

A more detailed picture...

 I thought I will prefer the LVC Precieux series engagement rings more because they're heart-shaped diamond rings but to my surprise...
I actually prefer the LVC Lovemark series more!
(although both are really gorgeous serious & it's really hard to decide between the two!)

Particularly love how the solitaire takes over the centre stage, stealing the limelight like a queen bee!
It's sooo chic in its simplicity, particularly in the subtle contours of the wedding band.

Picking the perfect band is the next most important thing after you have found your perfect partner. There's no better place than Love & Co. to match this romance. 
 Thank you Love & Co. for bringing my Love & I through this sparkly journey to find our perfect rings! They will definitely come in handy in the future!

With our friendly consultant who've spent the night doing ring analysis with us!
He is definitely one of the most approachable staff I've met that night. You can find him at the Dhoby Ghaut, Plaza Sing outlet (:
Before I forget to mention,
there are a total of 11 outlets in Singapore & Malaysia.
Out of which, 6 stores are located in Sunny Singapore.
ION Orchard
#B2-64, Singapore 238801
Tel: +­65 ­­6509 ­8633
Plaza Singapura
#01-07, Singapore 238839
Tel: +­65 ­6835 ­7533
Suntec City
#01-368, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6333 1433
Tampines Mall
#01-25, Singapore 529510
Tel: +­65 ­6789 ­3733
#01-145/146, Singapore 098585
Tel: +­65 ­­6376 ­9033
#01-16, Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 6465 9233
We have found our perfect rings!
Have you found yours?
Time to visit Love & Co. for a free consultation soon!


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