Monday, November 17, 2014

Wongamania || First Modern Economic Card Game in the World

Have you guys ever played Monopoly Deal, UNO or The Game of Life before??
Because if you do and loves playing card games...
This blog enjoy is going be a piece of good news for you!

The 1st Modern Economic Card Game in the World
Designed by independent studio Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania, a fun and fast-paced game like Monopoly Deal, is the first financial edu-tainment card game in the world that is modelled after modern economics.  It is an innovative and evolutionary card game that changes the way we learn about money, economics and investing.  

Just like Monopoly Deal, 
it's very handy to bring it anywhere to play anytime with a group of friends!

Each & every of these cards are uniquely designed and now...
Let me introduce some of the cards to you!
Incident Cards
These cards have the power to help yourself or victimise your friends and enemies.
Global Cards
These cards have the power to affect everyone. Use these cards to turn the tide of the game at any point in time.
Professional Cards

In the midst of the game at Cafe Pal with the bloggers...
With pretty Celine...~
*Thank you for the pictures too!*
  I had soooooooo fun with these bloggers and one of the co-founders of Wongamania!

One AWESOME group shot of the event!
Thanks for having me again!
I was soooooo addicted to the game but lucky for us....
The kind people of Capital Gains gave us each a limited edition Wongmania (which only has 300 sets available internationally) set to bring home with & now I get to bring them around & play it with my friends!

Interested to get Wongamania for yourself or a gift for your friends???
Simply head over to Crowdtivate to get your very own set!
It's gets better!!!
The company is currently raising funds through Starhub’s crowdfunding platform Crowdtivate (, a platform for entrepreneurs to gather contributions from the crowd in the form of feedback funding, resources or ideas. 
So buy Wongamania & raise funds to support entrepreneurship!

For more informations about the Wongamania, the rules, designs etc...
Head over to the link below (:

The main edition of Wongamania is expected to be officially on sale from 7th December 2014 onwards & its gonna be retailing at SGD$38!
Planning to get presents for your love ones?!
This could probably be one of the coolest gift ever!
What are you waiting for?!
Happy Gaming!!!

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