Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mystery Shopping Much?

A few days ago, 
i went on a mystery shopping session with a few friends on a few skin care and body care brands. 
Out of the few brands that I've experienced, 
I particularly loved one brand's customer service.

And is brand is none other than...
Kiehl's, also commonly pronounced as "kills" is a heritage brand since 1851.
They are famous for their skin care, beauty and cosmetic products that are made with the 
finest natural ingredients.

I chose to shop at Kiehl's was because I've never stepped into this store before 
even though I've seen and heard people talking about this brand.
Hence, I'm totally new to the shop and their products.

To be frank,
after this little mystery shopping, I finally realized how important customer service is!
It's can actually turn a walk in customer to a buying customer!
Customer service can also foul your mood or turn your shopping day an enjoyable one!
That's one of the main reason why I super super love Kiehl's now! :DD

As a mystery shopper for the first time,
I was told to take note of the 3Cs...

This is the engagement part
where the customer is greeted, acknowledged and welcomed (:

Here's my review when I first stepped into Kiehl's store at ION, 
I was warmly welcomed by the 2 sales advisors there.
Next, one of them came up to me to ask me for my needs.
So I told her I was looking for a Mother's Day gift as well as some recommendations to get rid of the pimple problematic face of mine.

I told her in details my skin problems and immediately, 
she explained to me my skin problem and recommended me to change my makeup removal as that is the main reason to why i have clogged pores and pimples.

However, Kiehl's do not sell makeup remover so she link it to a facial scrub 
that i could use on a weekly basis.

I was really impress and happy with the service till then. (:

Here's the step where sales advisor tries to transform a walk in customer 
into a buying customer.

She offered me a seat and started doing demo and let me try out their products.
That was when I start to know Kiehl's a little better.
She offered to demo 2 regimes, one for me and the other for my mom.
She's really hygienic in terms of the testers,
something I really can't stand if it's dirty and disgusting! >.<

After which, 
she also shared the latest promotion on Mother's Day gift packages!

This is where the sales transaction occur!

Frankly speaking,
she made me wanna buy the whole regime!
It was not only because the products were good,
it's her customer service! (:

I did not buy anything as that was the first time I tried Kiehl's product.
However, she gave me samples to try out and if it worked for me, 
I can come back anytime to buy it!

Before I leave the store, i was greeted goodbye again!
I had a wonderful time (: 

In fact, it was a wonderful shopping experience!

I didn't mention the rest of the stores i went to for my mystery shopping experience...
That's because those experience were nasty and if given me a choice 
to get anything from those store,
i'll pass.

That's all from me today^^

Stay tune to...



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  2. Mystery shopping is one of the techniques used by shops to make sure that their services are satisfying. It’s also a kind of research, wherein they can get possible ideas on how to improve their customer service. You have a nice experience as a mystery shopper. Others are finding it hard to work on this task, just like me. Hehe! Thanks for a great read! :)

    Mike Green


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