Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kristine's Collection. Paris Baguette. 18Chefs. QiXiang's 21st.

Today's blog entry is gonna be a very happening one 
i promise (;
As you can see from the title itself, 
I'll be covering on quite a few things today so...

First up,

I've modeled for Kristine's Collection for almost a year by now and every now and then, 
Kristine will sponsor me a few pieces of her apparels gracefully to me^^
This explains why i have sooo many new pretty apparels in my wardrobe now!

Now, featuring one of my favourite apparel from Kristine's Collection...
Miranda Inspired Military Romper!

I love this romper because Miranda wore it too!
*fan girl in action*
She's my favourite super model, super mom and a true inspiration that inspires me a lot. 

Not only that,
this romper is really exclusively manufactured with love and quality...
Made of quality gabardine fabric.
It's like blazer but lighter and sleek!
Really comfortable to wear in and is an excellent choice for a summer outfit!

#OOTD: Purrrfect in Black

Ear Cuff: Diva, Sydney
Leopard Printed Pumps: Sydney
Mustache Watch:

This romper is gonna be in this coming Sunday's collection so do keep a lookout for it!

Pictures taken by my lover boy

Went to Wisma for an IT fair job interview before we went dating...

I bet many of you might have been to or heard about this cafe...
Well, frankly speaking...
I've heard of this cafe a few times and have seen many photos of their product on Instagram too!
So today, i gave it a try!

 This is their top seller!

Comes in 3 flavors and i must say, 
it's a little pricey for just a small bottle of it.

Bought 2 bottles, the original and caramel to try (:
Ordered a take away and was really pleased by the way they packaged my puddings!
It's came like this with a small ice pack inside.
I love the way they do take aways!
*thumbs up on that*

Here's my royal pudding photo!^^
Finally taking of them before indulging!

Here's my review on both puddings:

The price is really reasonable after trying the pudding out!
It's really rich yet not too much to make one feel like puking.
It's layered with loads of goodness till the bottom of it and i must say,
everything comes with a price.
For the amount of money paid, 
this is definitely worth it!
I would rate it....
a 8.5/10
The 1.5 points deducted for the pricey part...(;

Here's what for lunch!
 I've seen many of my friends raving about this new store at Cineleisure,
hence, i came down with lover boy to join in the fun! (:
I missed 18chefs!
Have always been their regular customer when i was younger,
those were the secondary school days when my girls and i went to Yishun
 to have our regular baked rice and chit chat sessions.
those good old days were shortly over ever since they closed down.
Since then, i hardly eat 18chefs until today....

Am always a fan of their lemon tea because its not too sweet!

Ordered my old school favourite,

Base: Black Pepper Sauce
Main ingredient: Mushroom
Extra ingredients: Pan Grilled Fish & Salmon

As promised from the earlier blog entry...

QiXiang's 21st!

Here's the scrumptious buffet!

This is my bestie, Becks little brother!
He is sooooooo adorable!
My 6th sense tells me that he is gonna be a heart throb in near future!

Little green man!
Forced him to pose this for me...
*camera shy boy*

Here's another little green man!


 Shall end my blog entry with my favourite photo of the day!


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