Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I met my mother ♥

Hi lovelies!
Last week, I celebrated Mother's Day with my beautiful mom and family at Plaza Sing!
I hereby wish every mommy...

I'm really grateful to have such a wonderful mother who is sooo "IN"!
I can never stop appreciating my mom enough!
Like what the picture below says...
She's basically my everything (:
Without this beloved manufacturer, I wont be who I am today 
Thanks mom!

Here's what we had for Mother's Day Lunch!

This is my first time trying Skinny Pizza,
It is located in the center of the new mall & I love the lights inside^^
However, due to Mother's Day, it's a little crowded and noisy.
Plus, they do not make reservations.
Hence, I would suggest to go there earlier if you're deciding to 
dine in on a weekend or a public holiday.
Nevertheless, I think all that could be comprehend if we went on a weekday instead.

Skinny Pizza is really famous for their Squid Ink Pizza!
However,  it's out of stock on the day I went! ):
The staff told me that the stocks of squid ink were all spoiled that day and 
there's no incoming stock till the next day.
Le sigh...
No such luck to good food that day... ):

here's my #OOTD
Instead of calling this the Outfit of The Day,
it's actually Outfit Of Tricia toDay!

While waiting for the food to arrive, 
we took some family photos (:

We  you mommy!

Prettiest aunt!
She is my inspiration too!
She's like the smartest and most capable woman in my family and i respect her a lot.
I still remember why i wanted to be an air-stewardess,
it was because i saw her in her Korean Airline uniform walking out of the airport 
while we went visiting her when i was little.
It has been my little dream to be an air-stewardess since then...(:

Cutest grandpa!
Who still give goodbye kisses to your grandpa?!
I DO!!!
Actually to both my grandparents^^
My grandpa is always accepting my goodbye kisses with love and kisses my fat cheeks back too!


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you too!
A kiss for you! 

Uncle Keith!

For starters,
we had soups!

This is reallllly yummy!
It's really rich in mushroom and i really love the texture and fragrant!
Oh! & it's vegetarian too!


I was astonished when i first saw it because i didn't expect it to come in 
this way as it doesn't look much like a salad at all!
What an unexpected surprise i must say!^^
Love the sauce and the sun-dried tomatoes that goes perfectly well with the honey mustard dressing!

Grandma's Mocha

The portion is really big and i love the homemade tartar sauce dip!
The fries is really good too!

This is my favourite pizza for the day!
Like i said before, i have my  for mushrooms.
The wild mushrooms were really well roasted and it tasted really unique and different!
It's vegetarian too! :DD

in pizza version!
I Know Right?! :DD
I love their pizzas because of the thin base, which doesn't make me full easily 
and the heavy fillings on every pizza which makes it all worth it and yummy!

Next, we went to Toastbox for a little afternoon tea with my grandparents 
because they love the drinks and toast bread there (:

Thereafter, we went to ANDERSEN'S for Ice Cream!

Here's mommy with her birthday card from my sister (:

& her little gift for Mother's Day (:

Here's our yummy-licious dessert!

We ordered 5 flavors of ice-cream namely, 
Belgian Chocolate Chip, Banana Crunch, Mint Chocolate Chip, 
Rum & Raisin and Mocha Almond Fudge.

I enjoyed them all but i definitely love Rum & Raisin the best because everything is 
just a little more perfect with a little alcohol in them!

A mini family photo here
I'm sooooo excited as I'm going to have a whole new collaboration with a studio soon!^^
I'm gonna keep it a secret for now but I'll blog about it for sure when it's time to reveal so stay tune!
This was my dinner after that day!
It's scrumptious, IKR?! :DD
Credits to my step-mom and beloved ah ma who made the evening soooo wonderful!
They were too shy to take any photo so i took the food only...
Gonna end this whole blog entry with my photo again!^^
I enjoyed Mother's Day as much as my gammy(s) and mothers do!
I guess i enjoyed myself more than them because i'm sooooo blessed with all the
good food and loving family members around me (:

Life's just perfect!
i shall just end this entry with a beautiful quote.

"Happiness isn't just getting all you want. It's enjoying all you already have."

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