Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Updates: Photoshoot (Rucacia) • Electric Run pack collection • Impromptu meet-up!

It's been really looong since I last did a blog entry just to update about my life.
I've been enjoying myself lately on 2 short staycation away from this busy little city to Montigo & Malacca (:
Blog entries will be coming up soon...
Meanwhile, just a short update of a random day of my life!
Did a photo-shoot at La Novella Studio late afternoon with Rucacia ((:
To be frank, it's been quite awhile since I last did a photoshoot because 
I was really busy with school and it took a while for me to get used to the Uni life while working on my social media platforms. 
Anyway... I was really glad to do photoshoots again before I really enjoy it!^^

Had my baba boy (B3) to accompany me for the shoot^^


A candid photo of me on set~

Met up with my looong lost secondary school BFF after that to collect our Electric Run pack!

#triciaOOTD for the day!

Ending the day with an impromptu meet-up with the excited couples (minus yeekee)
& playing with our new monopod!
It was really an impromptu meet-up because we all happen to be at town or near town area so we 
just meet-up at Starbucks to have a chat and take selfie!
I bet we're the loudest group at Starbucks then! Teehee :X

One last photo of our random meet-up!
It's so nice to catch up with secondary and poly friends at the same time!

This blog entry is really personal so do scroll down/up to read other more interesting blog entries!
Go be beautiful! 

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