Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tricia's Food Story: Pique Nique X ASTONS


JUNE has arrive and in a blink of an eye,
it's already the mid-year of 2013!
Time flies when happiness is around!
In fact, I really do enjoy every single day now despite it being good or bad.
*The law of attraction does wonders and I'm still a believer!*

Starting this entry with loads of self shots and couple shots...
The reason is because we took all these photo the same day as we had Pique Nique!
Plus, it's our 31st (2yrs7mths) monthsary! YAY!!
so ENJOY or bear with it!

Here's another update...
I've just changed my phone from a iPhone 4 to a iPhone 5!
This is my uber cute pony casing sponsored by Kenspeckle
if you're interested in my advertorial for them...
here it is >>
and also my favourite pony, fluttershy dustcap! It's a gift from Kristine^^

I'm in need of new iPhone 5 casing and accessories! ):
So if any kind souls out there is willing to sponsor me some... 
please do email me!!!
Also, if anyone found really cute iPhone casings and accessories at affordable prices, 
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Ok, down to our main topic for today!
F  O  O  D

To start June scrumptiously,
I'm gonna introduce y'all 2 of my favourite restaurants in Singapore that 

First up!

Here's my cute little boy!

& here's me with my new curls!^^
Had my beautiful Korean bubbly curls done at my sponsored salon, Salon De Choix.
Blog entry here >>
& you're most welcome!

Cutlery serve in unique plant pots!

Quiet and bright ambience too! (:

This is my favourite in PIQUE NIQUE!

Classic Eggs Benedicts!

From my previous blog entries, you would have known that I really dislike eating eggs.
I meant like eating egg literally! 
I do eat cakes and any food that contains egg but I hate eating them a whole by itself 
because I think they smells like fart .___.

Anyway, my main point is...
These classic eggs benedicts literally changed my hatred towards eating eggs!
I love them!
It's just really orgasmic with the combination of hollandaise sauce, ham and bun!

Here is le boy's 

Big Breakfast Burger
It's B. I. G.
It's sooo huge and sooo pocket friendly!

Made a gif of baby eating this burger!
Look at that thick juicy meat patty he got there! O.O

& here's another giant portion of my favourite 

Chilli Fries
Always serves piping H O T!

In all, I really like this restaurant because they serve in 
I remember doing a similar entry a year ago having the same 3 dishes because 
these were my favourites since then!

My next favourite restaurant is definitely
A  S  T  O  N  S

Wanna know why I love ASTONS soo much?
3 simple reasons...
They serve YUMMY, ATAS & AFFORDABLE western cuisines!

In fact, it's really easy to be my favourite restaurants! Teehee!
Here's the menu to start things off!

Here's my lovely and prolly the littlest friend I have! :P
She's sooo cute and a food me!^^
Don't judge her by her size, she is a B I G   E A T E R i swear! 

Here's what she had at ASTONS!

Grill Fish with Herbs
2 side dishes: Onion Rings and Mash Potatoes

Busy blogger trying to snap a good photo to update my Instagram!
So do follow me on Instagram for more of my latest updates!

Here's my dinner!

Chargrill Chicken
along with my favourite must have side dishes 
Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato with extra butter!

One last photo of me trying to take a solo shot but was being photobomb-ed 
by this waiter for sooo long that I had to do this :P

Do look out for more food entries this month as I've been eating really awesome good food lately!

Also, I'll be filtering out and edit my Facebook profile and 
coming up with a Facebook page soon!
So do stay tune to that!^^

Till the next entry,
SMILE and be beautiful!

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