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#2 Salon De Choix: Shadow Ombré

 Hello lovelies!
This is gonna be my second blog entry for Salon De Choix.
If you wanna know what happen during my first visit, do check out the link below!
or visit the link at the top right hand corner for all my hair stories! (:

Before I start today's entry, 
let me show you the final product of my new hairstyle!

 Don't my hair look healthy, sleek and smooth?!

See... before all that...
My hair look like shit .____.
I'm serious.

OK, now you know.
The reason being, I don't really know how to maintain and style my hair!
So my hair stylist, Chester came to my rescue!
He taught me how to curl my hair by just blowing them using a hair dryer!
It's really easy and I've finally get the hang of it! :DD
& here's my hair after Chester style it for me!

 See how much difference it make to style and not style your hair properly?!

I'm glad I can finally have pretty curls now after learning how to maintain 
and style them using a hair dryer!^^
I'll prolly share my tips on how I style my hair daily soon!
So stay tune to that!

After teaching me how to style my hair,
we got down to the real business for the day.

This was my ugly hair with a giant black halo at the top of my head.
My black hair roots were very obvious and unsightly!
Plus, my hair colour then was pretty uneven as well ):
Chester told the reason might be because I used DIY hair colour products!
I'll tell you why later in this entry so READ ON!

So after telling Chester my concerns and what I was aiming to achieve,
he handed this book of hair colour chart to me and it's time to choose my hair colour!^^
This is the Majirel hair colour chart from Loreal Professional. 
There is a lot of colours to choose from!

After much discussion and consideration, 
Chester decided to do Shadow Ombré for me (:
Ombré is a technique where the hair is darker at the roots, and lighter at the ends.Shadow Ombré is similar but I'm gonna get highlights at the ends instead of just a single darker shade. 
That's the main difference between the usual ombré and shadow ombré.
I've also decided to do the lighter shade at the roots and darker shade at the ends. 

I've chosen GOLDEN BROWN (12.23) as my lighter shade and 
LIGHT BROWN RED INTENSE (11.60) as my darker shade from the Majilift series.


First up is the highlight of the darker shade for my ends! (:

Snap a photo of Chester and his assistant busy working on my hair...

Here's a snapshot of how my hair is "marinated" with hair dye!

After settling the base for my ends,
it's time for Chester to show off his skills by blending in the two colours chosen for middle section!

Here's how to separates my hair for the middle section!

Here's my hair dye for the lighter shade!

 Q. Why is there 2 bowls of the same hair dye?

A. This is because one of the bowl is at a colour intensity of 9% whereas the other at a 
colour intensity of 6%!
The roots of our hair is slightly weaker hence, a darker shade of the same colour is used for the roots 
while the ends at a lighter shade. This will help to even out the hair colour in the final product! 

Q. Ever wonder why DIY hair colouring products always make your hair looks brighter at the top, 
creating uneven-ness?

A. This is all because of the warmness of your hair scalp!

In a salon, a darker shade is used for the roots because of the warmness of our scalp!
Heat helps to make the hair colour change faster and more intense hence, the roots of our hair tend to "absorb" the colour better. Therefore, a darker shade is used so that the top of your head doesn't look wayyyy brighter than the rest of your hair!


Now you know why the need to spend more money and 
time investing on your hair colouring in a salon!
These hair stylist actually manually customize the colour intensity and this is something 
you can't buy off the departmental stores! 
Also the reason why DIY hair colouring is much cheaper because 
everything comes with a price! 
*wink wink*

Done with the colours!
Now is time to wait for the colours to set in (:

Just to side track a bit,
one of the woes of a typical blogger is that our phones tend to run out of juice easily 
because we update and surf our social networks regularly!
Lucky for me, 
Salon De Choix offer me plugs at my convenient to charge my phone anytime 
so I can surf the net at ease!^^

Back to topic!
After washing off my hair dyes, it's time for treatment!

I'm doing the same treatment as the one I did before in the first session at Salon De Choix!
Took a snapshot of an assistant massaging the hair treatment on to my hair.

After massaging my whole head, it's time to wait again!
So... camho time!^^

No more ugly black roots already!
Can't wait to see the end results!

Steam steam!!~

After washing off the hair treatment, it's time to 

Can you see my beautiful coloured hair already?!

 & here's the final product!
I just love how the darker highlights enhances my lighter hair colour,
 adding warmth for a sun-kissed look!

Now Chester is styling my hair to the side...


It's just elegantly understated.
Just how I want it to be.
Not too loud and striking yet having visible change to my tresses.

Looking for a hair care or a hair styling product?!
Don't worry! Salon De Choix have what you need!

Salon De Choix uses a wide range of professional hair products from 
Shu Uemura and  Kérastase and you can buy them straight from the salon itself!

Here's a photo with my trusty hair stylist, Chester!
Thank you once again for making my hair super gorgeous!



If you do...
Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 

Mention "TRICIA KOH" and enjoy 15% discount!
*not applicable for promotions

Do check out Salon De Choix Facebook page for more updates!

Till the next entry,
SMILE & be beautiful!

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