Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laneige: K-Beauty Blogger ♥

Hi lovelies!
Today I'm going to introduce you a very well known premium Korean cosmetic brand called 

Here's a little background information before we start things off!

Like what this poster says above...
Laneige's concept is all about 
They are famous for their most advanced "WATER SCIENCE" technology!
Launched in 1994, Laneige has become a "moisture-expert" brand with a variety of
 waterful skincare and makeup products to many ladies who yearn for radiant and dewy skin.

I've always been a Korean cosmetic fan and have heard of Laneige many times before, 
especially about it's WATER SLEEPING PACK_EX 
which has always been their no.1 best seller and has even won multiple beauty awards!
However, I've never tried any Laneige's products before.

Lucky for me, Nuffnang have launched a K-Beauty Blogger contest where 
winners will get invitation to attend an exclusive makeup workshop! The best part is... 
There will be K-beauty secrets and tips taught by Laneige Trainer!
Also, winners of this contest will get to experience a makeover to recreate K-beauty looks 
with the all new Laneige BB cushion!

To start it off and know more about Laneige, 
I head over to a Laneige boutique shop located at Plaza Sing to find out more about their products! 

There's a wide range of products from 

to MAKEUP...

Here's are the BESTSELLERS!



After much consultation and introduction from a Laneige Sales Advisor,
I've chosen my favourite Laneige Skincare and Make-up product!

My favourite Laneige Skincare will definitely be the all time favourite

The reason why I picked this particular product is because I've heard too many good compliments and recommendations before I've even step into a Laneige store!
Word of mouth is really very impactful and viral i must say! Haha!

Plus, after reading more about the WATER SLEEPING PACK_EX from Laneige's official website, 
I love it even more! :DD

It has 3 major effects,
3 main factors to get my ideal radiant and dewy skin!

As a part-time blogger and a freelance model, 
I always sleep very late and sometimes, even getting very little sleep. 
I also apply make-up on a daily basis, heavier ones for photoshoot.
Hence, this made my skin really dry and dull after removing my heavy make-up with 
really strong make-up remover regularly ):

WATER SLEEPING PACK_EX come to my rescue!
It's for All Skin Type and it contains an aromatic essence compound which is patented Sleepscent™.

Sleepscent™ helps to relax one's mind and body and derive for a good sleep. 
A good sleep allows sufficient relaxation which in turn reinforces skin restoration for healthier skin condition.
Plus, it has antioxidant effect which 
helps brighten skin tone evenly 
by removing harmful oxygen and purifying skin.

Here's another plus point!
Especially for busy and lazy ladies out there like me who can't afford time to put masks on a daily basis!
It's a mask where you can wear the whole night, so no more worries for dozing off in between application of your daily mask regimes anymore! 

My favourite Laneige Make-up product will be the

The reason why I chose this product is mainly because I'm a frequent BB user and this is a relatively new product from Laneige that has already won multiple beauty awards! 
This shows how popular and good this product is already! :DD

Adding to the plus points...
It has 5 MULTI BENEFITS and is highly recommended 
by Editors and Make-up Artists.

After more readings on Laneige's official website,
I understand why everyone is raving about this product!
It has a "SWEAT PROOF FORMULA" which is super ideal for Singapore humid weather 
as it helps ensure make-up staying unspoilt and beautiful throughout the day!
It also acts as a sunscreen with a high SPF 50 PA +++ to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Here are some of the many other Laneige products that won beauty awards this year! (:

Here's the sweet and friendly sales advisor that introduce me to most of the Laneige products!
Love her customer service and friendly introduction!^^

& here's my little sweetheart that helped me take some of the photos for this blog entry!
Lot of loves for you!

 In addition to my shopping experience in Laneige's boutique store at Plaza Sing,
I was given my favourite skincare and make-up products to try them out! (:

Here's my test review after reading and raving sooo much from the store and internet!

For a test, I applied a little on my hands.

& here's my verdict....
I'm amaze how fast the gel gets absorb into my skin after a few rubbing motions. 
With the light gel-type texture, there's like absolutely no sticky feeling on my hands at all!
Later after trying it out on my hand, I tried it out on my face. 
I felt my face feeling more supple and moisturize without the dry, tight feeling 
after washing my face in the morning! Amazing!


 Here's how the sample bottle looks like!
It's really small and cute!^^
Perfect for travelling! Teehee!

Here's my verdict after applying it on my face!

 I can see an instant coverage on my blemishes and redness on my face. 
It gives a dewy, natural finish and it doesn't feel heavy even with SPF 50 PA +++ sunscreen!
Adding to that point above, 
I can totally skip applying an additional sunscreen when I use this product!

Come on... who doesn't wanna have radiant and dewy skin like Song Hye-Kyo?!
Now trying imitate Song Hye-Kyo after getting flawless, dewy skin 
thanks to the Snow BB Soothing Cushion!

How about adding pastel purple eye shadow like her?

Meh... still far from looking like her!
She have really radiant and dewy skin!
Plus, I took this photo with my phone instead of my camera...
So my photo is much more pixelated.

Heehee... so many excuses for myself! :P

In conclusion,
I really hope to be one of the 10 lucky winners to be invited for a make-up session so that 
I will get a chance to have flawless and dewy skin like Song Hye-Kyo!^^


Do you wanna join me in the K-Beauty Blogger contest and be part of the 10 lucky winners?
All you have to do is to simply blog about 
“Which is your favourite Laneige skincare & make-up product, and why?” and you will get a chance to win 
1-year “Laneige K-Beauty Blogger” contract & $2,000 cash prize from Laneige!

Deadline for this contest is on 30th May 2013,2359h.

Till the next entry,


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