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Marugoto Shokudou || Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Marugoto Shokudou @ Boardway Plaza
 Enjoy quality Japanese cuisine in the heartland at reasonable prices.

Address: Broadway Plaza, 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, 
#01-07, Singapore 569841
Opening Hours: 1130 - 2230 (Last order at 2200)
Closed on Mondays (during lunch only)
Contact no.: 6451 2822

 After having my hair done the other day @ Salon De Choix,
I went to Broadway Plaza to meet my bestie, Melanie & TIN peeps for a Authentic Japanese cuisine food tasting session! 

Jumper - Ohvola
Bag - Kate Spade
Heels - Primark
Accessories - Guess (Necklace) 
Pandora, Daniel Wellington (Bracelet & Watch)

On a side note, I really love my new jumper from Ohvola!
Really good cutting and high quality, the best part is it fits me really well!

Nestled within the bustling, raucous neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio (AMK), in the refurbished 
Broadway Plaza, a quality Japanese diner is set to dazzle with new culinary standards. 
 Marugoto Shokudou, is proud to bring an authentic Japanese dining experience to heartlanders
 with a menu of nearly 150 unique items, each lovingly crafted by a dedicated professional culinary team.

The restaurant also boasts a fresh food counter, which the culinary team will park the freshest
 ingredients and corresponding prices on a daily basis. Diners can then engage in an interactive
 dining experience as they pick and choose these off­‐the‐menu options, perhaps
 even coming up with an Omakase menu with the chefs that's 
 price catered to the diner’ wallets. 

 Brought my food cum cat lover bestie along with me to feast!

 I've been around AMK quite often as I used to study @ NYP and have seen this restaurant before Broadway Plaza undergo a renovation. Now it's renovated and for my first time visiting it, I really like the cozy and comfortable ambience furnish with Japanese cultured decorations. Definitely a suitable place to bring your friends, family and loved ones for a exquisite casual dining experience in a heartland environment.

Oh, if you're die hard cat lover like me...
You'll probably gonna love this place even more!
Meet Maruchan, the resident cat at Marugoto Shokudou.
According to the owner of the restaurant, 
Maruchan is their mascot & she's super adorable!

Check out the gif I made for Maruchan!
*I'm bringing sexy back...YEAH?!~*

Probably the luckiest kitty on earth! Look!
That's sashimi for dinner 

From what I've heard, loyal frequent customers here are always spoilt for choices without the need of burning a whole in their pockets! 
Prepare to droooooooool as I feature my 10 course dinner 
filled with authentic & exquisite dishes ♥ 

1) Ankimo 
(Angel Fish Liver)
Something I've never tried before.
It's really fresh and does not have any fishy taste or smell at all.
Yums the word!

2) Buta Shabu-shabu Salad

Assorted Sashimi
3) Uni Sushi
This one is really fresh & probably one of the freshest sushi I've ever tasted! 
*Thumbs up*

4) Kanpachi, Toro, Salmon belly, Tuna belly & Sweet prawns
My favourite was the sweet prawns, it's really fresh & juicy! 
The lady boss was super sweet and generous, when she knew I love sweet shrimps, she ordered her staff to put in some specially for me to try & I ADORE IT!
*craving for more now actually...*

5) Foie Gras Chawanmushi
Really smooth & recommended for people who likes steam eggs!
This is definitely something special that adds the ooopmh to the usual chawanmushi!

Main Course
6) Beef Kushiyaki
Aside from sashimi & exotic dishes, they have really good teppankayi food too!
This one is really tender & juicy!

7) Tokyo Shoyu Ramen

8) Kimchi Miso Ramen

9) Special Order* Dry Ramen ♥

10) Shirauo Osui
(Cod Fish Sperm)
 Oh yes, you heard me.
This is probably the highlight of the night!
This is a seasonal dish (only comes in the winter season). 
I've also heard that it's highly recommended for the guys!

When I first saw it, I thought I was about to eat brains of some animal and it might taste horrible.
However to my surprise, it actually doesn't taste as bad as you think!
I would say the texture was a little bit like an hard boiled egg yolk & it's almost tasteless.

 For those food lovers who has acquire an exotic taste, 
I would definitely recommend this dish to you!

Busy HP taking professional photos of this unique dish.

11) Ice-cream sandwiches
(In Vanilla flavour)

(In Chocolate flavour)

Super love the Christmas Tree decor in the restaurant!
The tree was shipped all the way from Switzerland!
Talk about being authentic...they definitely go all out for it!


I like how Magutoro Shokudou bring quality Japanese cuisine to the heartlands at reasonable prices. 
Good food should be available everywhere, not just within the CBD or town areas, 
because Singaporeans have an insatiable appetite for quality.
Marugoto Shokudou @ Boardway Plaza
 Enjoy quality Japanese cuisine in the heartland at reasonable prices.

Address: Broadway Plaza, 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, 
#01-07, Singapore 569841
Opening Hours: 1130 - 2230 (Last order at 2200)
Closed on Mondays (during lunch only)
Contact no.: 6451 2822

 If you're going to try out Marugoto Shokudou,
remember to take a picture of their adorable kitty, Maruchan!
I challenge you to take a better picture than mine! Haha!!!
Alright, that's all folks.
For more information, do visit them at their Facebook page or website.
Till next time...
kthxbye ♥

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