Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get, Snap, Bingo with Vanity Trove ∆ Cafe Hopping session: W•39

Went to VANITY TROVE's event at Zouk 2 weeks ago.
Was really excited to doll up for this fanciful event as a hippie chic, so I went a little adventurous with my accessories and used my beaded necklace as my head band!^^
The best part was my pinkish red tresses actually matched my beaded head band really well!
As for my makeup, I went strong with my brows to give a sharp, bold look.

#SELFIE @ Zouk with my babyGIRL, Joey while queueing for our turn to get in.

The event hall was crowded everywhere with beauty vainpots who shares the same interest as I am!^^
So glad I was there ((:
Didn't manage to take a photo with this unicorn balloon sculpture so I had to make do with a picture taken from Vanity Trove's FB page. Was too crowded and hungry to queue to snap a picture with this beauty. Oh.. I must say, the pastries served was yummy but I was looking for some savoury food for my fungry tummy so... definitely would be better if savoury finger food was served as well.

Coincidentally bump into a few other gorgeous bloggers there!
Here's one with Shenny & Francesca (:
Also met my kawaii friend, Jacq and these photos are credits to her camera!

#SELFIE shot before heading out for dinner!

I really like the photobooth they had at the entrance so we just had to take another shot there together!
Here's US with VANITY TROVE backdrop & #benefitSG props
Always a fan of them!
Here's what I had for dinner that night (:
A plate of yummy-licious salad at Toss & Turn!
I swear they have the best salad at the most reasonable price!
Definitely my new staple place for dinner! Yums!

After I reach home, I took a few more selfies before I sleep my day off (:
Definitely one amazing night!
It has been a great night


Later that week, I finally met up with my BFF and 
had a little cafe hopping session at WILD WILD WEST!
Haha! It's funny how the west is more "ulu" and less popular for cafes...
Anyways, we found a cafe at Clementi and decided to have dinner there (:
It's not really far away from Clementi MRT station (merely 3 bus stops away) and its located at the corner of a street of shops.
From far, it looks like a really warm and welcoming little cafe (:

Really like the exterior so #triciaOOTD is definitely a MUST :X

Decided to take a random shot of our nails with menu..
See our gorgeously painted nails!
Mine's from Clove Nails (adverts posts >> CLICK HERE!)
& here's from her HK trip (:

Our dinner!
Portion of food and price are reasonable and staffs are really friendly!(:

Had cakes after because they're really tempting through the glass display!

Here's our chocolate fudge with vanilla ice-cream!

#SELFIE with my BBF, felicia 

That's all to end my Sunday!(:
Weekends flies...
and now it's time for Mondays Blue tomorrow~
Till the next entry,

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