Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Advertorial: Rucacia♥

"Rucacia is an online store founded in 2009, which started off their humble online platform at MissyVille LiveJournal and have revamped into a brand new name that aims to provide customer with a fuss free online shopping experience!"

"Rucacia, pronounced as “Ru-kay-shuh” is derived from the name of a flower, Acacia, which symbolizes elegance, love and beauty. The “A” was replaced with “Ru” as Ru is the initial of its brainchild, Ru Ping. "

Here's the item I'll be featuring today!^^

Lanie Cold Shoulder Crop Top (Black)

If you have been following my Instagram, you would have noticed that I have a thing for crop tops 
and "hole-y" apparels! When I first saw this top, I fall in love with it instantly! 
The material is non-sheer and soft! Perfect for Singapore's humid weather! 
That's not all... It totally fits the autumn season too!

It also comes in red!

 About 2 weeks ago, I went for a photoshoot with Ru Ping for Rucacia.
She's one the friendliest and sweetest ladyBOSS I've ever met! I love working with her and
I really like how careful and delicate she is when it comes to selecting quality pieces
and presenting them at her best to her loyal customers! Do note that all her apparels are
carefully handpicked with love from around the world! 

Now presenting you the latest collection modeled by yours truly,
Mermaid Vanity! 

Featuring are some of the latest arrivals!

Done the shoot at La Novella Studio and finally get to meet Vilvian again!^^
Miss her sooo much and haven't seen her since my 21st birthday!
La Novella Studio is also where I took my poly graduation shoot. 
Photos will be up soon! *promise!*

More photos before I end this post!

As I've posted this entry slightly later, 
some of the new arrivals have already gone OUT OF STOCK!
So HURRY down to their website now and grab your favourite pieces!

Here's are the details for you to start shopping!

Online Store:

You're welcome (:

Till the next blog entry,
SMILE & Be Beautiful!


  1. Ow wow! You have the most amazing body! I want your slim waist >~~<
    I really love reading your blog! I nominated you for the Liebster award hehe ! ^_^
    Check it out here~~ ♥


  2. Hi Tricia jie jie,i like your blog very much! love the clothing!


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