Saturday, September 21, 2013 progress.

Hello lovelies!
This month has been a really quiet month on my blog as I'm giving myself an 
unofficial MC away from blogging...
School's starting in less than a week time and I must say I still have lots of blog entries I wanna blog about but 我有心无力. I just wanna have more time to myself before "battling" in a few more days!

To bring up the mood a little...
I'm gonna share with you some of the upcoming blog entries you might wanna anticipate on!^^

1. My Graduation photos!
YES!!! I'm definitely gonna blog about this soon as this is one the most 
exciting and memorable part of my poly life! I bet there will be at least 3 parts to this portion so.. 
do stay tune to all of them!

2. Your truly 21st Birthday!
Another blog entry that I'll anticipate on sharing!
Things to do and to look out for when preparing for your 21st party!
Also, definitely more than one blog entry to summarize it all! :DD

3. Overseas trips for the year.
I've actually been to quite a few places this year and I must say 
I'm the world's laziest blogger because I haven't posted any of them up yet! :X
Definitely working on my posts soon!

4. Upcoming SIT BASH 2013!
I'm one of the pageant this year and it has been an enjoyable experience.
Thus, definitely something I want to share with my readers!

So stay tune to all that soon!^^
Meanwhile, do read my past blog entries while I MIA for a little while more!
Till the next blog entry...
Miss me & kthxbye!

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