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OMY - The Singapore Blog Awards 2013!

After months of campaigning, the annual Singapore Blog Awards has announced their winners at 
Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay on the 6th July 2013, Saturday!

Here's a little intro to start with...
The Singapore Blog Awards is organised by , Singapore Press Holdings' leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, and was created to honour independent content producers who devote their time and energy to create and maintain informative and innovative blogs. This is the sixth year has been running this event and this also marks my first bloggers event with

I've joined OMY Blog Club in early june this year and I'm really honored and thankful to be invited as one of their bloggers to do event coverage for this year's Singapore Blog Awards! 
So read on and know more about the event's details!

 The theme for the event was the 60's fever!
This explains why I'm all dolled up with retro fever!

The event started off with a quick registration and all bloggers are "tagged" and an event booklet was given!
Photo credits to 

Lots of photos were taken right before the blog awards ceremony
 and here are some of them!

Here's a sexy photo of Michelle, the chill mom!

 Photo credits to 

p.s.: I still can't believe she is a mother! 

There's a photo booth for bloggers too!
How cool is that?! 

Met Uncle Teh Peng at the awards ceremony as well!
It's been loooong since I last saw him!
Catch up soon!

 Here's a photo with Smith, one of the best dressed candidate and I must say...
he really look very "yan dao"(handsome) lor! :P

Here's a panorama shot of the event place from my sitting area! 
Without further a due, the blog awards ceremony has started!

Photo steal from

Here are the list of winners for this year's Singapore Blog Awards 2013!

The 10 Main Category Award Winners

Panasonic Best Photography Blog:
Travelgraphy / Christina Gao

Exabytes Best Individual Blog:
Working With Grace / Grace Tan

Levi’s Best Fashion Blog:
J U S T J A S L I N | Fashion Blogger / Jaslin Tan

Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog:
Scissors Paper Stone Blog / Jasmine Koh

Best Family Blog:
Sakura Haruka / Ai Sakura

Best Food Blog:
Johor Kaki Food Guide / Tony Johor Kaki

Best Travel Blog:
蓝天白云数格子 / Sock Peng

Best What-The-Hell Blog:
俊凭|一个声音部落格 / 俊凭 Willy

Best V-Log: / Ninja Girls

Best Micro-Blog:
Spin or Bin Music / Spin or Bin Music

The 7 Special Category Awards Winners

Panasonic Best Beauty Blog:
Pinkbuble In Da House / Elrica

Ribbons, Rainbows and PixieDust / Elaine

Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze

Panasonic Best Cooking Blog:
Celestial Delish / Celes

Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog:
The Lazy Lizard’s Tales / Ivan Kwan

Glossi Best Modelling Blog:
Love is Eternal / Karen aka Renzze

JBL Best Pop/ Music Blog:
Mint.Music / Mint Leong (1st prize)

Spin or Bin Music / Leo (2nd prize)

Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog:
Claire’s Flair / Claire

Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog:
mitsueki’s blog / mitsueki (1st prize)

Youthinkicarewhatyousay? / ANdyStorm (2nd prize)

lukeyishandsome(dot)com / Luke Phang (3rd prize)

Muses 맨날 속속한 것… / jeez-jia (3rd prize)

Shopping Queen’s Haven / Regina Chow (3rd prize)

The 2 Celebrity Award Winners

Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/ Micro-Blog:
Alien Huang 小鬼

Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/ Micro-Blog:
Jeanette Aw 欧萱

A feast was served in the midst of the ceremony and here are some snap shots of them!
p.s.: Horrible shots due to the dim lighting and my camera's sucky flashlight so just bear with me!

The winners for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 were determined by a combination of online voting of 30% and professional scoring of 70% by a panel of independent judges appointed by

Here are the 10 best dress candidates nominated for the Best Dress Award!
Guess who won?!

INSPECTOR SINGH aka GingerBreadMum won the Best Dress Award!

Here's a photo with Inspector Singh!
She is such an adorable mother! Haha!

Last but not least...
A photo with Guest of Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong!
He is the Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth 
& Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information.

Before I end this entry, 
I would like to thank for inviting me to do event coverage for this year's 
Singapore Blog Awards and Kudos to all who made this event successful!

Do visit  for more post-event coverage photos and 



  1. Haha thanks for the mention ;)
    Adora / Gingerbreadmum / Inspector Singh

    1. Don't mention it!
      It's a wonderful event and I'm glad to have met you Inspector Singh!
      See you around soon!^^

  2. I accept as true best in general is open to everyone not considering of their niche. They may want to consider a best other group for non-dog and non-cat detailed blogs. Awards

  3. Great Photography....It's a great event.
    I'm very Impressed..

  4. I really loved the cute dresses.
    can anyone suggest me from which online store i can get some of these for me. :D

    1. Hi Marry,
      you can try:
      you'll also find some great discounts there. ;)


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