Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#3.5: My 60's Fever Preparation!

Hello lovelies!
I was away for a mini-staycation at Genting and...
After about 2 weeks of self proclaimed break from blogging,
I'M BACK again for more actions!

Still remember my blog entry about the event I attended earlier this month?
Well... if you haven't read this entry,

Anyway, this entry is gonna be about the preparation, inspirations and special people who have 
helped me finalize my 60's look from top to toe!

So firstly...

When I first saw the theme of the event (which was 60s Fever), 
the first thing that came into my mind was definitely my hairstyle for the day!
1960s hairstyles are really diverse and interesting!
From large flips to short pixie cuts and also long silky natural hair do... etc.
And soooo... 
I've decided to google search my ideal hairstyle and here's the hair do I wanted!

Photo grabbed from Google.

As for my next concern, it's definitely my outfit for the day aka #OOTD!
From what I've observed, 1960s fashion is all about colours and tones.
Colours such as highlighter, bright and strong and psychedelic print and patterns.

Here's a photo showing the 1960s fashion grabbed from Google search.

Next, my preparation for the day!

Went down to Salon De Choix in the morning to get my hair done!

I was always curious about this corner of  Salon De Choix and dying to sit in there to get my hair done!
I get to sit in the VIP room to get my hairstyle fix!
There's soooo much room for myself to take self shots without anyone looking at me!^^

 Here's my morning face with make-up half done!

Time to curl my hair and start styling!

 Chester used this product (below) to fix my hair (:
It helps to create the volume to my hair so that I can get my mini-beehive!

Here's before and after!

 I love how my hairstylist, Chester styled my hair!
It looks clean, simple and classy!~
My curls were enhanced using the curling tool and I have a mini beehive^^
Can you see my streaks of red highlights?
Read more about my highlights here >>

Final look from the front!
Brought my own hairband to match my outfit!

Thank you once again Salon De Choix and Chester for styling my 60s hair look!

Here's the latest promotion!
 It's an Anniversary Promotion and it ends on 15 September 2013!
So do visit Salon De Choix before the promo ends!


Dress sponsored by Kristine's Collection
Brown Box Bag from Bangkok
Rubber Arm Candies from Aries

Last but not least, 
a BIG thank you to Kerong for taking these pretty photos for me!

 Coming up in my blog will be my travelogue this holiday to Bangkok and Genting!
Stay tune and meanwhile, SMILE!


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